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Upper bounds for sorting permutations with a transposition tree

Publisher : Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms and Applications

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Engineering

Department : Computer Science

Year : 2013

Abstract : An upper bound for sorting permutations with an operation estimates the diameter of the corresponding Cayley graph and an exact upper bound equals the diameter. Computing tight upper bounds for various operations is of theoretical and practical (e.g., interconnection networks, genetics) interest. Akers and Krishnamurthy gave a Ω(n! n2) time method that examines n! permutations to compute an upper bound, f(Γ), to sort any permutation with a given transposition tree T, where Γ is the Cayley graph corresponding to T. We compute two intuitive upper bounds γ and δ′ each in O(n2) time for the same, by working solely with the transposition tree. Recently, Ganesan computed β, an estimate of the exact upper bound for the same, in O(n2) time. Our upper bounds are tighter than f(Γ) and β, on average and in most of the cases. For a class of trees, we prove that the new upper bounds are tighter than β and f(Γ).

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