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UV-activated ZnO/CdO n-n Isotype Heterostructure as Breath Sensor

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Journal of Alloys and Compounds

Source : Journal of Alloys and Compounds 819 (2020)152985 (IF: 5.316).

Url :

Keywords : Breath Sensor, Acetone, ZnO/CdO, Iso-type Heterostructure, UV Activation

Campus : Chennai

School : School of Engineering

Center : Amrita Innovation & Research

Department : Electronics and Communication

Verified : Yes

Year : 2020

Abstract : The demand for developing a non-invasive sensor towards disease diagnosis such as diabetes, renal dysfunction, and cancer has been increasing tremendously. The presence of biomarkers such as ammonia, acetone, and ethanol in human exhaled breath indicates the onset of various diseases. In this context, the present investigation is focused on developing a cost-effective acetone sensor using isotype ZnO/CdO heterostructure thin film by spray pyrolysis technique. The sensing signatures of the heterostructure was examined in the presence of light activation using UV LED light. Structural analysis of the heterostructure divulged the growth of cubic phased CdO and hexagonal phased ZnO crystallites towards (1 1 1) and (1 0 1) planes respectively. Spin-orbit splitting of Cd 3d subshells was confirmed through the surface analysis. The heterostructure showed selective photo-response of 540 towards acetone at room temperature. Response and recovery times were observed as 61 and 47 s respectively towards 1 ppm of acetone vapor. The linear detection range of the sensor was observed to be 1–100 ppm with long-term stability. Since the sensor showed the lowest detection limit of 1 ppm, the sensor can be used for the identification of acetone from exhaled breath for disease diagnosis.

Cite this Research Publication : Parthasarathy Srinivasan, D. Prakalya, B.G. Jeyaprakash, “UV-activated ZnO/CdO n-n Isotype Heterostructure as Breath Sensor”, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 819 (2020)152985(IF: 5.316). DOI: 10.1016/j.jallcom.2019.152985

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