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Virus dynamics of a distributed attack on a targeted network: Effect of firewall and optimal control

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Elsevier

Source : Elsevier

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Engineering

Center : Amrita Innovation & Research

Department : Mathematics

Verified : Yes

Year : 2019

Abstract : An attempt has been made to understand the virus dynamics of a distributed attack in a targeted network adopting firewall security coefficient and treatment rate. A mathematical model is proposed with two sub-frameworks of attacking and targeted class, which further reduces to non-dimensional model system and investigated along with the analysis of virus propagation control measures. Existence and stability of equilibrium points have been discussed. Using central manifold theory, it has been observed that as R0 passes through unity, transcritical bifurcation occurs. In this work, the firewall security is taken as a media coverage factor and detected that it helps to diminish the virus propagation to some extent. The concept of optimal control theory is introduced as an another measure for controlling the virus proliferation. Numerical experiments are accomplished to justify the analytical findings

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