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Why People Do What They Do to Protect Against Earthquake Risk: Perceptions of Hazard Adjustment Attributes

Publication Type : Journal Article

Source : Risk Analysis, 2009

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Campus : Amritapuri

School : School for Sustainable Futures

Department : Sustainable Development

Year : 2009

Abstract : This study examined respondents' self-reported adoption of 16 hazard adjustments (preimpact actions to reduce danger to persons and property), their perceptions of those adjustments' attributes, and the correlations of those perceived attributes with respondents' demographic characteristics. The sample comprised 561 randomly selected residents from three cities in Southern California prone to high seismic risk and three cities from Western Washington prone to moderate seismic risks. The results show that the hazard adjustment perceptions were defined by hazard-related attributes and resource-related attributes. More significantly, the respondents had a significant degree of consensus in their ratings of those attributes and used them to differentiate among the hazard adjustments, as indicated by statistically significant differences among the hazard adjustment profiles. Finally, there were many significant correlations between respondents' demographic characteristics and the perceived characteristics of hazard adjustments, but there were few consistent patterns among these correlations.

Cite this Research Publication : Lindell, M., Arlikatti, S., & Prater, C. "Why People Do What They Do to Protect Against Earthquake Risk: Perceptions of Hazard Adjustments and Their Attributes." Risk Analysis, 2009

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