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Will smart city notion become authentic: With special reference to Mysuru city

Publisher : International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology

Year : 2019

Abstract : Smart city is an internationally booming phenomenon. The concept of “Smart City” is been used widely across the globe with different nomenclatures meanings & contexts. A smart city has to be well outlined so that it provides the cost effective services, a good environment, and well-versed technological services for the welfare of the citizens of the nation. Smart city is a very important concept for the development of any nation. It is extremely essential for administration of India to offer well-informed urban communities in different states as a piece of financial advancement. In view of the escalated investigation of exhibit writing surveys from different healing territories, we recognize eight basic components of shrewd city activity: 'administration and association, innovation, administration, arrangement setting, individuals and networks, economy, manufactured framework, and common habitat'. The basic role of this examination paper is to comprehend the reasons why city passed up a major opportunity of the brilliant city transport even in the wake of being the cleanest city. The examination depends on optional information that has been gathered from different newspaper articles, books, and journals. Through this investigation, the investigator plans to comprehend the difficulties that stops Mysuru in getting a 'Smart City' tag. © IAEME Publication

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