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ZVS Flyback Converter With Isolated And Non-isolated Outputs

Publisher : Advanced Research in electrical and electronic engineering (AREEE)

Campus : Bengaluru

School : School of Engineering

Department : Electrical and Electronics

Year : 2014

Abstract : The advancement of semiconductor technology lead to the requirement of multioutput dc-dc converter. The basic principle, analysis and design of anew topology dc-dc converter havingisolated and non isolated outputs are presented in this paper. The circuit comprises of two non-isolated outputs having same ground and one isolated output on a second secondary. The switching pattern for the converter devices is generated using TMS320F28335 digital controller. The voltage stress on the primary switches of this converter is lowand the regulation switch for auxiliary output is used for achieving zero voltage switching (ZVS) over the entire load range. The validity of the proposed topology is confirmed by the simulation results,carried out using PSIM software,obtained for three outputs with 12V,100mA; 6.6V,0.7A; and 5V,1.2A for set top box application.

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