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Graph Theory and its Applications

Delving into the intriguing realm of graph theory, researchers in India have been actively exploring various theoretical problems and applications. This intellectual journey has led to the creation of some of the best research contributions in the field, propelling India to the forefront of graph theory studies. One notable focus of these endeavors is the investigation of graph domination parameters. Researchers are keenly exploring various classes of graphs to discern the subtle intricacies of graph domination and develop novel insights into this domain. These efforts often involve solving complex open problems related to graph colorings, contributing valuable solutions to long-standing mathematical puzzles. However, the impact of graph theory extends beyond the confines of pure mathematics. It plays a pivotal role in addressing real-world challenges, particularly in the domain of data science. By harnessing the power of graph theory, researchers are adeptly tackling some of the most pressing issues in the data-driven world. The versatility of this mathematical framework enables solutions to emerge for emerging problems in data science, demonstrating the interdisciplinary potential of graph theory. This convergence of theoretical exploration and practical applications showcases the profound influence that graph theory, alongside India’s notable research contributions, continues to exert on diverse scientific and technological fields.


  • Graph Theory
  • Dominations
  • Graph Centralities
  • Graph Convolution Networks


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