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Development of Waste to Energy Laboratory

The waste-to-energy laboratory mainly houses facilities to treat campus waste, such as waste polymers, biomasses, etc. This primarily focuses on converting the waste resources available in Amrita campuses to clean liquid fuels and value-added chemicals. Dr. Akhil Mohan, Assistant Professor in the School of Artificial Intelligence, developed this laboratory at Amrita School of Artificial Intelligence, Coimbatore Campus, as a part of his research collaborations with KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden (QS ranking 2023 – 44th).

Equipment Name


Specifications of equipment

Pyrolysis Set-up


400 – 1200°C

Muffle Furnace

Standard Model

6 inches * 6 inches * 12 inches (1100°C)

Magnetic Stirrer

Borosil (MHPS550P)

Max rpm – 2200, max plate temperature – 550°C

Electronic weighing balance


Capacity – 200 gm, pan size – 80 mm, readability – 0.001 gm

List of Equipment or Set-up in Waste-to-Energy Laboratory

  • Batch pyrolysis reactor for pyrolytic liquefaction of waste materials (Customized by Dr. Akhil Mohan)
  • Magnetic stirrer for mixing liquid solutions
  • Weighing balance for measurements
  • Muffle furnace for heating adsorbents
  • Fabrication of batch-scale pyrolysis system
  • Distillation set up for refining of crude tire pyrolysis oil to clean fuels
  • Lathe machine for utilization of lubricants or fuels
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