Amrita School of Arts and Sciences has six departments with an impressive list of faculty members with expertise in various fields.

Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry at Amrita School of Arts & Sciences started functioning on Amritapuri campus in 2002.Today, the Department enjoys the status and privilege of a well flourishing inevitable academic entity of the campus, which offers over 40 courses on vivid, advanced and applied areas of Chemistry and also two courses on Environmental Science handled by expert members of faculty.

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Department of Commerce and Management

The Department of Commerce and Management started functioningfrom the year 2006 and has been offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs that are industry and academic oriented, incorporating all the attributes applicable for a career and life.

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Department of Physics

The Department of Physics started functioning in the year 2006.The Department is enriched with well qualified and experienced faculty members with diverse areas of specialization.Apart from the courses offered by the Department, we offer Physics and Science elective courses for Amrita School of Engineering students.The Department provide additional facilities for students such as Virtual Lab and Demolab, which help the students to improve their thinking ability and to analyze things in a different way.

The Department possess a well equipped Lab of undergraduate and postgraduate level.The Department library consists of books of more than 200 titles and the Department is also rich in e - learning resources.By regularly organizing seminars and workshops by external experts, the Department encourage students to get in touch with the progressing areas and new trends in science.The Department also encourage students to do their projects related to postgraduation in major research institutions across India so that they could get an early exposure to burning research topics.

Department of English

The Department of English, since its formation in 2005, has been focusing on promoting the communication skills of students entering the portals of technical education as well as higher education in Amritapuri Campus.

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Department of Social Work

Initiated in the year 2007, Master of Social Work program prepare the students for specialized, advance level, evidence based and autonomous Social Work practice among the oppressed, vulnerable and at-risk as well as the general population.

The program integrates advanced concepts and developments in the field of Social Work with a deeper understanding of the traditional Indian value system... »»

Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics was formed in the year 2002.In the year 2006, the department has started five year Integrated M. Sc programme in Mathematics and Physics. In the year 2012 we have started M. Sc Mathematics Programme, with an intake of 7 students. The department offers various Mathematics courses in Engineering, Computer Science, Commerce and Management studies and Bio technology. In addition to that the department offer courses for M. Tech/Ph.D programmes of the university. Students  can take a broad range of courses in areas such as Real and Complex analysis, Group theory, Functional analysis, Topology, Differential equations, Discrete Mathematics, Probability and Statistics etc. The courses are offered in such a way that there is a healthy balance between Pure and Applied Mathematics. Apart from the University library, the department is having a unique library for reference purpose and we are also getting gift books from NBHM. 

The department offers about 55 courses on areas of both applied and pure Mathematics. For PG programmes,in addition to the courses taken, students should  prepare a minor dissertation, under the supervision of a faculty member of the department. Through the minor dissertation, training in research techniques is provided and the student is introduced to a topic of current research interest. The courses will prepare the students towards a doctoral degree in mathematics or a career in reputed universities, or research institutions in the field of Mathematics.

The department has 16 faculty members  in the department.  The department has got experienced and qualified faculty. 5 faculty members have been   qualified in the National level Eligibility test for Lectureship conducted by UGC-CSIR. 6 faculty members have taken M-Phil, 2 faculty members are with M.Sc Tech  and 3 faculty members have taken Ph. D.