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Alumni Speaks

The corporate world has widely appreciated the fact that Amrita’s Alumni have the sense of responsibilty which made the employers confident in delegating new changes to them. In order to stay connected, Amritians have started Chapters in major cities in India and abroad.
Ashutosh Rajan

Amrita is a temple of knowledge and values, led by very dedicated and highly qualified team of faculty and mentors. We are extremely lucky in having them as our gurus. Three years of experience at the Amrita School of Arts and Sciences has helped me to mould myself into a better individual, become technologically more sound and also get into a bright career. MCA at Amrita has given me the hope and winning edge

Jishnu C Krishnan
Interactive Designer (Graphic & Web), Cognizant Interactive Team

Past two years of experience in Amrita School of Arts and Science mould myself as a best individual. The exposure i gained from ASAS was immense. This atmosphere makes me more creative and professional. The facility and faculties of ASAS in the best aprat from others. I am glad to start my career with company like Cognizant and I am so greatful to all my faculty

Durga S
Asst. Delivery Manager (Shoper), Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

As an Amritian, I am very proud to say that our college is one of the best in Kerala that provides quality education. The college gave us all the facilities to nurture our knowledge, with advanced syllabus, dedicated faculty, library, full-time lab facility, etc. The extra-mural lecture series ‘Vidyamritam’ helped us a lot to get updated in the IT industry. Soft-Skills and Aptitude classes guided us to our career achievements. Adding to it, the serene and the disciplined atmosphere helped us to develop our personality, so that we all are considerate about others also. According to Amma, education is of two types – Education for life and Education for living. We are actually very fortunate to have both of these. The values and rituals of culture we imbibed from this atmosphere will help us to live a quality life also. I joined in Tally Solutions through our Campus Placement

Roshini R. Nair
Inventory Planner, Supply Chain Management, Etihad Airways, UAE

The 5 year period during my B.Com. and M.Com. at Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi was an exceptionally fine educational experience. I believe the competency, dedication and the professionalism of the Professors were nothing less than outstanding. They provided us with the best educational support . All the teachers have specialized in their relevant fields. Administrative backing of the School was most motivating. The highlight is the location of the college as it is situated in a healthy green environment which also provided the students to have a spiritual development. My days in this college has enabled me to develop a positive attitude and confidence in life. It was a wonderful and challenging experience to be under the umbrella of Amma’s Grace

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