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About the School of Business

Top Ranked B-School
Thank you for showing interest in one of the different and fastest growing B-schools in India. Within 15 years of its establishment in 1996, Amrita School of Business has succeeded in carving out a niche for itself and maintain its identity in providing quality education enriched with human values. Committed to the twin pillars of quality and value, ASB has become a vibrant and dynamic place to seek professional education.

Industry Interface
Situated just a short distance from Coimbatore, Amrita School of Business has undertaken a rich spectrum of industry interface activities both as part of the course curriculum as well as in the form of Management Colloquia, MDPs, Consultancy, and Customized In-Company Programmes.

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We have, as part of our course-work, live projects and case studies pertaining to the different industrial sectors and verticals. These include both interactive assignments involving the local industries as well as analytical studies in issues of international scope. In these endeavours, the college authorities play a vital role in providing us with and the whole exercise is of immense value addition for us.

Our aspirations are further fired by colloquia and workshops with a galaxy of industry professionals who share with us their memorable experiences and learning. Among those who have had extended sessions with the students in the recent past are: Mr. Arun Kumar, Group CEO, Strides Arcolab; Mr. Arun Malhotra, Chief GM, Maruti Udyog Ltd; Mr Biju Dominic,VP, Mudra Communications; Mr. Chandar Sundaram, Academic Lead, Microsoft India, Mr K B Chandrasekhar, CEO, Jamcracker, USA; Ms. Hema Ravichandar, Ex.Sr. VP & Group Head, HR, Infosys; Dr. V Jairam, MD, ELGI; Mr. K Jayaramakrishnan, VP,TCS; Mr Ketan Sampat, Ex President, Intel (India); Mr. Krishan Dhawan, MD, Oracle India; Mr. P Krishnaier, Sr. VP, Sundaram Finance Ltd; Mr PNSV Narsimham, Country Head-HR, HP India; Mr. Sachin Khandelwal, Head-Vehicle Finance, ICICI Bank; Mr. Siva Kumar, CEO, ITC-Agribusiness; Mr. V Vaidyanathan, Director, Cognizant.

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In addition to consultancies with the DST and the Indian Navy, Management Development Programs on a range of topical issues such as Logistics as a Competitive Opportunity, Customer Satisfaction Management, and Turn Around Strategy, ASB has been involved in creating innovative industry oriented training programs. A recent example is the Continuing Management Development Program for senior managers of ELGI Equipments, Coimbatore. The CMDP was a unique learning program which ran for a year – designed as a customized Executive MBA programme covering all key functional areas of Management like Finance, General Management, HRM, Marketing, Operations, and Systems, with classes being held in ASB on alternate weekends.

Amrita School of Business entered its second phase in 2009, with the launch of the MBA programme in three new campuses at Amritapuri (Kollam), Bengaluru and Kochi. Our Bengaluru campus also launched the Executive MBA programme. Both the MBA as well as the Executive MBA programmes at Bengaluru are being offered in collaboration with the State University of New York University at Buffalo (SUNY – UB).

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All of this expansion and international linkages are happening in a broader global economic context. The business community is increasingly feeling the need for managers with stronger ethical and moral values. Concerns with the global climate change are also receiving increasing attention from leaders in business and government. India as a nation and Indian managers are expected to play a much stronger role in the global business arena. Amrita School of Business has been emphasizing the role of managers towards the larger society as well as the environment, right from its inception. Our focus on value based management education derives strength and justification from the recent developments. We are confident to be able to respond to these global needs, and develop young managers ready to meet the emerging challenges, and contribute towards creating a more equitable and more harmonious world. Our vision and mission, our leadership, coupled with our excellent faculty as well as state-of-the-art infrastructure are all geared towards fulfilment of this objective.

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  • Modern amenities like Wi-Fi, E-Learning Studio etc.
  • Library offers wide range of interests
  • AV material and electronic databases
  • Olympic Standard Swimming Pool
  • Outdoor and indoor sports facility

Amrita School of Business Prayer

Each academic day at Amrita starts with the chanting of the school prayer. This brings on a positive mind set for the students, teaching fraternity and other associated entities and paves way for an environment susceptible for learning and growing into better beings.

Aum sree gurubyo namaha
Hari hi aum

Aum saha navavatu saha nau bhunaktu
Saha veeryam kara vavahai
Thejasvi nava dheethamastu
Maa vidvisha vahai
Aum santi santi santi hi

O Lord, protect us as one, nourish us, Lord, as one.
Let us flourish in Thy strength as one.

Let our Knowledge, O Lord, be changed to Light and change our hate to love.
Aum peace peace peace……

Aum asatoma sadgamaya
Thamasoma jyothir gamaya
Mrityorma amritham gamaya
Aum santi santi santi hi

Lead us from untruth to truth;
From darkness to Light;
From death to Immortality

Aum sarvesham swasthir bhavathu
Sarvesham santhir bhavathu
Sarvesham poornam bhavathu
Sarvesham mangalam bhavathu
Aum santi santi santi hi

May perfection prevails on all;
May peace prevails on all;
May contentment prevails on all;
May auspiciousness prevails on all.

Aum lokaha samasthaha sukhino bhavanthu
Lokaha samasthaha sukhino bhavanthu
Lokaha samasthaha sukhino bhavanthu
Aum santi santi santi hi

Let Peace and Prosperity come to all the beings in the world.

Aum poornamada poornamidam
Poornath poornam udachyate
Poornasya poornamaadaya
Poornam eva avasishyate
Aum santi santi santi hi

That is whole, this is whole;
From the whole, the whole arises;
Taking away the whole from the whole, the whole remains……
The flame from a single lamp can lit many;
yet all the flames are alike.
Likewise all the beings in this world are manifestations of the same God.
O Lord give me the strength to see the divinity in others and serve them.

Aum sree gurubyo namaha
Hari hi aum

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