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COVID19 – MBA Response: Leadership through Service

During the pandemic and global lockdown, the future appeared bleak to most of us, especially the self-employed and daily wage earners. While MNCs and large firms implemented coping mechanisms and work-around strategies, the small businesses and daily wage earners bore the brunt of the commercial blowback as their revenue streams dried up and work-from-home was not a solution in any form.

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In July 2021, the Principal, Dr. Rajiv Nair, who was also the SAPG (Self-Awareness and Personality Growth) tutor, encouraged the MBA batch of 2020-22 to venture forth and figure out appropriate means to help entrepreneurs and businesses struggling in those unprecedented turbulent times. As they surveyed the debris around it became apparent to the students that some of the owners had very little exposure to e-commerce, limited knowledge of business management or financial literacy etc. Taking a cue from the SAPG sessions they responded to society’s call for service by offering their leadership.

By the time the batch graduated, they not only restored the economic viability of 70 establishments but also developed strong bonds with the proprietors and managers.  It also enabled a deeper appreciation of the importance of small businesses in the macro-economy and provided real time experience of leadership through selfless service.

Our Chancellor, Amma, says, a single grain is indicative of the quality of cooked rice in a vessel. Similarly, the examples seen here are indicative of the initiative, leadership and selfless service-oriented mindset of the entire batch.

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