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Dr. Deepak Bhatnagar

Date: 14 December, 2010

The interaction with Dr. Deepak Bhatnagar in our executive classroom on 14th December 2010 was one that was as enjoyable as it was informative. Dr. Deepak Bhatnagar sat down with the students as he wanted the session to be as informal as possible. Out came the arsenal of questions and the group plunged into a hearty discussion International Trade and Culture.

As Dr. Deepak Bhatnagar had experience of teaching in Africa, the questions revolved around the opportunities and problems that Africa has as an emerging economic player. Dr. Deepak Bhatnagar talked of his experiences in Tanzania and how the concept of frugal innovation, part of our classes on Innovation and a buzz word in India lately could be employed to great results in Africa. He talked of the immense opportunities in the region for business and employment, but he also pointed out the lack of security and infrastructure in certain areas.

Dr. Deepak Bhatnagar said that the potential was huge and varied but it would need courage and business acumen to do business in Africa and that most Indian companies are already equipped with a certain amount of expertise in the area due to our own rural population.

The discussion now turned to our neighbours and competitors China as Dr. Deepak Bhatnagar chose certain companies to put the Chinese production and export orientation in perspective. The competition between China and India as the world’s leading outsourcing destinations has been a well documented one, he said, but India possesses certain advantages such as the democratic government in our country, which would make it a better prospect for companies for the security that our country offers.

Dr. Deepak Bhatnagar, in conclusion spoke of technological innovation and how it would alter lives in a short span of time and advised us students to adapt to these changes that would prove crucial in the business environment.

By – Sairam Krishnan

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