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Journal Article

Short training in Teaching Methodology’ for entry level Medical Teachers

Authors : Dr. Anu Sasidharan, Dr. Unnikrishnan K. Menon, John Alexander; Joy Teena, Paul Nimitha, Javed Reshma

Publisher : Indian J Comm Health

Development of a New Questionnaire to Study Students’ Perception toward Online Classes

Authors : Dr. Poornima B., Dr. Ashika M.S., Dr. Anu Sasidharan, Menon U. K, Gopalakrishnan S, Unni C. S. N, Ramachandran R, Radhakrishnan N.

Publisher : Amrita J Med

A study done in phase 1 MBBS students to evaluate the effectiveness of remedial intervention in underperforming students of Biochemistry

Authors : Dr. Ashika M.S., , Dr. Sumithra N. Unni, Sajitha Krishnan P.P , Mrudula E.V , Sumitha Prabhu P.S , Reshmy G.S.

Publisher : Paripex – Indian Journal Of Research(PIJR)

Effectiveness of an ‘abridged course in medical education technology’ based on students’ evaluation of the teachers’ performance

Authors : Dr. Alexander John, Dr. Sumithra N. Unni, Joy Teena , Paul Nimitha, Gopalakrishnan, Suja Gopinathan, Anusha

Publisher : International Journal Of Community Medicine And Public Health

Assessment of the Feedback Questionnaire from Students for a Weekend

Authors : , Dr. Anu Sasidharan, ; Greeshma C. Ravindran

Publisher : Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

Comparison of knowledge, attitude and practice FF self-learning among different levels of faculty members

Authors : Dr. Anu Sasidharan, Prof. K. R. Sundaram, John A.

Publisher : Journal of South India Medicolegal Association, South India Medicolegal Association,

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