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The Department of Biostatistics came into existence in Amrita School of Medicine, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences on 1st December 2005 with the joining of Prof. K. R. Sundaram as the Head of the Department.

The Medical Council of India had acknowledged the need to cultivate scientific and logical thought among the doctors, otherwise busy with their clinical and laboratory work. Biostatistics was recognized as the basic tool to achieve this. During the last four decades, biological, scientific and medical sciences have shown remarkable advances and this has made ‘decision making’, particularly in the fields of health care, dependent on the ability of medical and biological scientists to base their decisions on a variety of carefully planned, executed, analyzed and interpreted investigations like epidemiological studies, clinical trials, biological assays, laboratory experiments, operations research and hospital and community based registries. In this context, a medical professional’s training, particularly that of a medical researcher or medical administrator, would be considered incomplete today without a reasonable acquaintance with the potentialities of applications of biostatistical techniques to enable him / her to plan his / her research studies with scientifically and statistically valid designs and minimum sample size and to arrive at valid and meaningful conclusions by applying appropriate statistical methods.

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In order to foster the learning of potentialities of biostatistical applications in health and medical care among researchers and students, it was essential to create an independent Department of Biostatistics as an integral part of this medical and research institute. Faculty, research staff and students at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences interested in doing research work in medicine, biology and public health will have direct access to this department for designing their research protocols, for consultation on the statistical analysis of their data , interpreting the results and in report writing.

The department participates in almost all the academic and research activities of the institute strengthening the medical education and research at the institute with respect to all the relevant areas.


The Department of Biostatistics offers the following services:

  • To train the faculty, postgraduate students and scientific staff in research methodologies, epidemiological methods and biostatistical methods to help them in preparing scientifically and statistically valid research projects, to analyze the data applying appropriate statistical methods, interpreting the results meaningfully and validly and in preparing their Thesis / Dissertation / Scientific papers for publication in reputed national and international journals.
  • To train young statisticians, either fresh or working in medical colleges and research institutions, in the application of statistical methods in medical, biological and epidemiological research.
  • To conduct workshops and seminars for updating the knowledge in statistical designs and techniques of analysis.
  • To scrutinize the research proposals from faculty, scientists and students for their statistical and scientific validity.
  • To conduct research projects for developing appropriate statistical designs and methods of analysis needed to the present situations depending upon the nature of the problem and the data collected.
  • To advise and help the medical colleges and research institutes outside Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in teaching, training, research and CME programmes whenever requested for help.
  • To design the experimental and epidemiological studies and analyze the data of the projects of medical researchers, faculty and students funded by various national and international research institutions and pharma companies.
  • To provide the researchers statistical inputs for protocol preparation, study design, randomization, sample size estimation and statistical analysis plans and validation of biostatistical programmes .
  1. M.Sc. in Biostatistics
  2. Lectures with Practicals in Biostatistics and Epidemiological and Research Methods
  3. A series of lectures with practicals using SPSS and SAS in Biostatistical and Epidemiological & Research Methods are given for the following courses.
    • M. Tech. courses in Nano-Medicine & Technology and Molecular Medicine
    • MD / MS / DM / M.Ch. / DNB / MDS courses
    • MBBS, 7th Semester
    • All Ph. D. students
    • Master of Hospital Administration.
    • M. Sc. And Post Basic Certificate  courses  in Nursing
    • M.Phil course in Clinical Psychology
    • M. Sc.  Courses Allied Health Sciences courses
      ( Clinical Research,Public Health,Clinical Nutrition and Food Science,Laboratory Technologies in Biochemistry,Microbiology and Pathology)
    • B.Sc Courses (in 15 allied health subjects )
    • Practical sessions ( minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 hours )  in SPSS , SAS and nMaster statistical softwares are held for PG students, faculty and researchers, twice in each   year
  4. Short-term Certificate Courses
    The Department is planning to conduct regular short term certificate courses in “Biostatistics and Epidemiological Research Methods” and also in the “Application of Statistical Softwares SPSS, SYSTAT and  SAS”, for the analysis of research data, for  the benefit of students, faculty and scientists in the institute and also from outside the institute.
Book Published

TITLE OF THE BOOK: Medical Statistics – Principles & Methods

Medical treatment is becoming more and more dependent on decisions arrived at through a variety of carefully planned and interpreted investigations. Biostatistics is recognized as the basic tool for arriving at these decisions. Today training of a medical research worker as well as a medical practitioner would be considered incomplete without a reasonable acquaintance with biostatistical techniques. The present book is aimed at providing a comprehensive treatment of the subject and to serve as a textbook of biostatistics for graduate and post graduate medical & dental course students, biostatistics/Medical statistics course students  and for the  students of pharmaceutical, nursing, nano-medical sciences and doctoral degree courses. The book will be especially useful for those engaged in clinical and epidemiological research.

AUTHORS: Prof. K. R. Sundaram AIMS, Kochi; Prof. S. N. Dwivedi, AIIMS, New Delhi; Prof. V. Sreenivas, AIIMS, New Delhi


  • Lucid presentation of the basics of biostatistics based on the long teaching and research experience of the authors.
  • A large number of clinical examples included to illustrate practical applications of different statistical techniques and tools.
  • Text supplemented by a large number of diagrams to facilitate understanding of different concepts/applications.
  • Attractive two-colour format


  1. Introduction to Medical Statistics
  2. Sampling and Data Collection Methods
  3. Descriptive Statistical Methods
  4. Logic of statistical Inference
  5. Inference Statistical Methods
  6. Non-Parametric Statistical Methods
  7. Introduction to Multivariable Regression Methods
  8. Epidemiological Methods
  9. Principles of Clinical  Trials
  10. Estimation of Sample Size
  11. Diagnostic Tests – Principles and methods
  12. Introduction to Medical Demography
  13. Medical Records, Hospital statistics  and International Classification of Diseases
  14. Computers and Statistical Software for Data Analysis
  15. Misuse of Statistics
    Answers to MCQs
    Further Reading
    Appendices: Statistical Tables

The Biostatistics Department is located in the 8th and 9th floors of the Amrita School of Medicine, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences. The Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences is equipped with excellent IT infrastructure. The department is well equipped with all modern facilities.

The Department has a well outfitted computer lab with internet connections and latest softwares – SPSS for windows, SAS 9.1.0, Epi Info, nMaster and SYSTAT. It also has online access to most of the biomedical databases and journals. The department computer lab is open to faculty and students of the Institute. The department computer system has been integrated to the institute network system.

Modern facilities are available in the class rooms. Teaching is carried out in the department with the aid of latest audio-video equipments.

Apart from the good collection of text books and journals in the institute’s central library, the department has a small library of text books related to statistics, research methodologies, epidemiology, clinical trials and statistical softwares namely Minitab, SPSS and SAS. The department library collects and supplies study materials for students and faculty in the department.

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1. Renjitha Bhaskaran Lecturer 0484 – 2858186
0484 – 2852678
2. Sheejamol V. S. Senior Lecturer 0484-2858186
3. Anjaly S. Nair Tutor 0484-2858186
4. Greeshma C. Ravindran Tutor 0484-2858186
5. Harsha Hari Tutor 0484-2858186
6. Niveditha Kartha Tutor 0484-2858186
7. Ambily K. R. Secretary 0484 – 2858186
8. Biostatistics Laboratory / Class room /  Students room 0484 – 2858186
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