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Get ready to learn and innovate!

The program is a great fit for students who possess a strong passion for developing innovative, applicable and comprehensive solutions that address problems faced by rural communities in India. This is a wonderful opportunity to discover dormant innovative potential through experiential learning, while working with a team of multidisciplinary and multinational researchers and industry experts.


Apply your research to solve real world problems!

Through the Live-in-Labs® program, researchers will be able to work in a dynamic, multidisciplinary and international team to identify and devise solutions in order to transform villages into self-reliant communities. The program offers a unique environment for hands-on experience in applied research.




Applicants must be currently enrolled in a bachelors, masters, or PhD program. Postdoctoral researchers and anyone else who is primarily engaged in research activities and is affiliated with an accredited university, college, or established research institution can also apply.


Given the significant social impact of the program, Amrita offers a 70% scholarship to selected applicants. As there is no separate application process for scholarships, all eligible applicants will be considered for scholarships as and when their application is received. Selection for the scholarship is decided by the program’s admission committee.

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