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Policies and Guidelines – Student Financial Aid and Scholarships

University Policies on Scholarships / Freeships / Fellowships / Research Associates for Academic and Research Programs

Guiding Principles

The university is committed to fair and balanced policy on the scholarship based on merit, economic need, equal opportunity and affirmative actions for socially backward groups. The policy does not discriminate against students or scholars based on gender, gender preference, caste, age, faith, or disability. The balance that is achieved in terms of disbursal of scholarship may depend on specific schools in the university, but will not violate the basic principles stated above. Below is the summary of the criteria that play a role in scholarship decisions:

Scholarship Criteria


This will always play an important role in scholarship decisions. Top students in any of the schools will be eligible for scholarship consideration although the exact scholarship amount and numbers may depend on the academic school or department. Students will need to provide proof of academic and scholarly accomplishments to be eligible for the scholarship. The percentile of students receiving the scholarship will depend upon the school and area of specialization.

Socially Backward Communities

The University is committed to affirmative action for such backward groups as, OBC, SC/ST, and other such groups approved by the Government of India. A certain percentage of such groups will always receive scholarships each year.

Special Disadvantaged Groups

These groups include women, those with disabilities, etc. These groups will not be treated with any discrimination and will be afforded an equal opportunity to scholarship opportunities.

Scholarship Schemes

University has put in place several scholarship schemes including tuition/fee waiver (partial or full), stipends to cover living expenses and/or health benefits expenses, etc. The amounts depend on the scheme, the academic program, location, etc

Scholarship Application Process

The students should contact the departmental office and submit an application in the appropriate form. The department will provide the list of scholarship schemes available. The student is responsible for submitting all suitable documentation based on the scheme. Such documentation includes proof of merit, recommendation letters for merit scholarships, Government approved proofs for members of Backward communities and any other necessary documentation for special disadvantaged groups.

Scholarship Approval Process

The office of the registrar will review all scholarship applications. Institutional scholarships will follow the three criteria mentioned above. Decisions on externally funded scholarships will be as per the criteria specified by the funding agency. The list of students receiving the scholarship will be informed annually.

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