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A Machine Learning Approach for Identifying Compound Words from a Sanskrit Text

Authors : B. Premjith, Prabaharan P., Dr. Soman K. P., Shriganesh Bhat, Chandni Chandran V.

Publisher :Association for Computational Linguistics, IIT Kharagpur,

Deep learning based Character-level approach for Morphological Inflection Generation

Authors : Vidya Prasad K.; , Prabaharan Poornachandran, Dr. Soman K. P.; , Chandni Chandran V.;, B. Premjith;

Publisher :2019 International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Control Systems (ICCS)

NSE Stock Market Prediction Using Deep-Learning Models

Authors : Hiransha M, Dr. E. A. Gopalakrishnan, Vijay Krishna Menon, Dr. Soman K. P

Publisher :Procedia Computer Science

A Simple Approach to Clustering in Excel

Authors : Dr. Soman K. P.;, C Rajgopal, Aravind H;

Publisher :International Journal of Computer Applications

Design of Dynamic Vibration Absorber to Control Chatter in Turning Operations using FEM

Authors : S. Saravanamurugan, ., Sundaranathan.R, Karthikeyan.B, Rajendran.I

Publisher :Ineternational conference on Global Manufacturing and Innovation

A distributed approach for predicting malicious activities in a network from a streaming data with support vector machine and explicit random feature mapping

Authors : Poornachandran, P.a, Poornachandran, P.a, Premjith, B.b, Premjith, B.b, Soman, K.P.b, Soman, K.P.b

Publisher :IIOAB Journal

Theoretical Analysis of Critical Design Parameters for Maximum Thermal Efficiency of Solar Stirling Engines

Authors : Senthilkumar D., , .Ajaykrishna, R.,, Dr. Thirumalini S.

Publisher :International conference on Advances in Design and Manufacturing. National Institute of Technology,

Numerical modeling of Flux assisted Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (F-GTAW) process of Duplex Stainless Steel (DSS)

Authors : Harikesh Prasad, S Sandeep, K Vishnu Valsan, Akash Mohanan, N Rakesh, K. Ramesh Kumar

Publisher :Journal of Physics: Conference Series, IOP Publishing

Insight into Primal Augmented Lagrangian Multilplier Method

Authors : B. Premjith, Dr. Soman K. P., T. V. Bijeesh, Akhil Manikkoth, S. Sachin Kumar

Publisher :Numerical Analysis

Part-of-Speech Tagger for Biomedical Domain Using Deep Neural Network Architecture

Authors : A. Gopalakrishnan; , B. Premjith, Dr. Soman K. P.;

Publisher :2019 10th International Conference on Computing, Communication and Networking Technologies (ICCCNT)

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