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On ‘Amritavarsham 69’ Amma said, “Take a seed and put it in some soil with some manure and wrap it up in a piece of paper. Drop those seed balls in a place where they can sprout—either around your house or in some wooded area. The more saplings you can plant, the better. This would be the greatest gift you can give to Amma,”

AYUDHians (Youth wing of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and Mata Amritanandamayi Math) who are participating in the Self-Management Workshop decided to put this into practice. They enthusiastically participated in the Seedball Workshop which was held as part of the AYUDH Internship Program.

Mr Mahendra Bhagat, a senior manager from VMWare Software Pvt. Ltd., Pune and Mentor of several environmental projects of AYUDH Pune conducted the workshop. He presented to the AYUDHians about how they can continue to preserve the Nature we have left around us. The workshop reminded the youngsters that the urgency to protect our environment is as relevant as ever. He explained that everything in the universe is interconnected, hence we should see what we can do on our part for the universe.

After the workshop, the AYUDHians were full of smiles and hands covered in dirt. They made a pledge to always take care of Nature and make Amma’s dream come true. They dried out the seed balls and preserved them to be thrown in a suitable area in the beginning of rainy season.

“We do seva activities on Amma’s Birthday. But the seedball activity was something special and close to our heart because this was mentioned by Amma in Her Satsang on Amma’s 69th Birthday in 2022. We are extremely happy to give this gift to Amma. We are planning to have more such sessions and will be going out to throw the seedballs in suitable places. In this way, hundreds of trees and plants would be sown every day, restoring balance to ecosystems on a global scale”, remarked AYUDHians.

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