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Mental health issues are one of the most common conditions faced by students all around the world. Some face anxiety attacks just before an examination, whereas others face various phobias throughout their learning period. Suicides are, unfortunately, a common occurrence amongst high school and college-going children.

At Amrita University, we understand the problems faced by a budding college student- academic pressure, leaving home for the first time, shifting to a totally new location to pursue a good education, or even saying goodbye to your parents. To make your transition as smooth as possible, we have experienced medical professionals to address all your concerns. Kindly book an appointment online or contact our campus clinic to book an appointment with our experienced staff. We understand that taking this first step may be daunting and promise to keep your identity confidential.



Amritapuri Campus

Students and Faculty facing any Mental Health Challenges can approach Dr. Beena at Amrita Kripa Hospital.

Campus: Amritapuri
Name: Dr. Beena
Appointment days: Mon-Sat (9 am to 7 pm)
Contact no.: 0476 289 6179
Charges: Free.

Kochi Campus

Students and Faculty facing any Mental Health Challenges can approach the below given faculties.

Consult with Clinical Psychology

Consult with Mental Health Nursing

Consult with Psychiatry

Coimbatore Campus

Students and Faculty facing any Mental Health Challenges can approach the below given faculties.

Students’ Affairs

The Department of Students Affairs guides and monitors the extracurricular and non-academic activities of the students. It encourages them to compete in state and national level sports and cultural competitions. It supports the students to organize several festivals and events. It coordinates fifteen student-managed Associations and Clubs. It has a Counselling Wing that addresses the personal and emotional problems of the students. The department is also responsible for maintaining campus discipline and sustaining and promoting the cherished Amrita values and traditions. It involves itself in maintaining a ragging-free and disciplined campus that ensures and sustains an academically friendly, quiet, and career-driven atmosphere.

It acts as a one-stop Help Desk to assist the students and parents to alleviate or resolve the academic and non-academic problems of the students by liaising with other departments. It also has a grievance cell that addresses the day to day issues of the students. The team members of the department are:

Name Designation Extn. No
Dr. P. N. Kumar Head – Students Affairs Extn.No.5028 / 5787
Dr. K. Shailendhra Professor- Students Welfare Extn. No. 5050 / 5607
Name Designation Extn. No
Dr. C. S. Sowndaram Assistant Professor & Professional Counsellor Extn.No.5057 5787
Dr. P. R. Janci Rani Assistant Professor & Student Counsellor Extn. No. 5054 / 5055 5607
Dr. Tharani Devi Assistant Professor Extn. No. 5054
Ms. S. A. Rajalakshmi Visiting Faculty Extn. No. 5057
Mr. T. K. Loganathan Officer Gr.III Extn. No. 5051
Ms. S. Lakshmi Admin. Assistant Extn. No. 5051
Students Welfare Activities

The welfare activities of the department can be broadly classified into the following four categories

Counselling and Guidance
  • Counselling and Guidance
  • Students Support Services
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Redressal of grievances
Counselling and Guidance

The Department has a dedicated Counselling Wing that provides individual and group counselling to the students to help them maintain and improve their emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual well-being through a process of self-discovery that promotes over all well-being. It has a Professional Counsellor and a Student Counsellor who directly interact with students in need of personal counselling to alleviate stress, anxiety and to enhance self-esteem, to impart inter-personal skills and to achieve educational goals. Through the two-tier system of Class Advisors and Department Counsellors, it establishes a personal rapport with the individual students. It establishes cordial relations with parents by interacting in person with them on need basis. For confidential help and exigencies, students may directly contact the help line No.91-9487302905 or email to

Workshops and Other mental health Programs
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Counselling and Guidance

Mental Health Support
Dr. (Col.) PN Kumar

Head – Students’ Affairs

Mental Health Support
Dr.Shailendhra. K

Professor of Students Welfare

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