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Policy Adopted on: 2014
Last Updated on: 2021

This Policy applies to all the Students, Staff, and Visitors.


To provide a smoke-free environment across all the Campuses of the University and facilities.

  1. Smoking of any kind is NOT PERMITTED and STRICTLY PROHIBITED inside any of the University campuses and University-owned Transports.
  2. Possession, consumption, and distribution of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol, or narcotic drugs on the University premises is strictly prohibited. The administration reserves the right to take strict disciplinary action, amounting to even expulsion at short notice from the hostel and rustication from the University.
  3. We insist all students and staff follow the no-smoking rules and regulations while representing the organization during Internships, conferences, and any other public event.
  4. The sale of tobacco products is prohibited in an area within a radius of 100 yards of any educational institution. The sale of tobacco within 100 yards should be reported to the student’s affairs department and appropriate actions should be taken to stop the sale.
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