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The Child care facilities at University was established in 2009 under the UGC scheme for providing child care centres in the universities.

Located in the second floor of Nalanda building, the day-care centre has ample amenities, hygienic, healthy and full-time work force. Taking into account the need and convenience of the staff & students, the day-care centre functions from 8am to 6pm.

The child care facility has been manned by four efficient and trained caretakers who seek to fulfil the comfort of children according to their needs. The facility is well furnished, with a stimulating environment, vibrant colours and a safe setting. It has also been supplying the children with primary learning settings along with recreational activity and a play area.

Children from the age of six months to ten years benefit from this facility. Even the children of school going age (up to ten years) have been seen availing day-care services mostly after 3:30 pm. This facility ensures that the staff & students could give their best at work/study without having to worry about the safety of their Children.

The management of the child care facility is vested upon the committee constituted by the University authority with the members from parents, faculty members and university administrative officers.

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