The philosophy and rationale of the postgraduate degree programmes at Amrita is to provide relevant skills and knowledge that will equip each student to pursue a career in their respective industries, as well as to pursue academic research careers.

The students gain an in-depth knowledge of the theoretical and the essential practical skills in the relevant areas. All postgraduate programmes are research oriented. Thus students benefit a lot as they are introduced to the analytical and critical thinking, and the technical aspects of a given research problem.

This also serves as one of the best ways of effective learning. During their last semester each student spends part of their time in a reputed academic or industrial research laboratory where they are involved in the design and execution of a research project, which gives them an added advantage when it comes to placement. Amrita also offers admission to research-oriented five-year integrated degree programmes, with an option given to the student to exit from the programme after 3 years with a bachelor’s degree in the respective course.