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About the Project

The hybrid energy storage system is the technological development to enhance the life of the primary energy storage device. Secondary storage system need to be identified based on the power or energy density to support accordingly to meet the power balance is a challenging task, The increasing demand for achieving high voltage from low voltage levels has become a challenging task. Low voltage DC supply could be easily extracted using Solar PV (Photo Voltaic) System. High power applications demand is moving towards HVDC, drive train, DC microgrid, Electric Vehicle (4 wheeler, 3wheeler, and 2wheeler), Elevators, and robotic applications. The extraction of power from a low voltage DC source to meet the higher power application requires high efficient, high step-up with high gain DC-DC Converters. Therefore, to boost the voltage from solar PV to a high level a high step-up and efficient DC-DC converter need to be designed and developed which paves way for research problem identification in the converter topology. Even using a multi-level inverter for high-power electric vehicle application is also another research area in electric vehicle technology for improved power output.

Department & Campus

Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Coimbatore

Any Specific Skillsets Required by Applicants

Renewable energy, Energy Storage System, and Power Electronics and Drives subject knowledge and MATLAB handling environment is required.

Faculty Profile

Development of Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS) with renewable energy sources powered and utilized with novel converter topologies for effective electric vehicle applications
Dr. K.R.M. Vijaya Chandrakala

Associate Professor

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