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About the Project

Inventory Control (IC) theory has grown through various stages since it began in the 1920s. At first, it had very simple assumptions into the models to capture the key factors. Later these models were embellished by using assorted parameters. Gradually, stochastic inventory models were evolved in the 1950s to capture the outcome of unpredictable demands and lead times.

The mathematics is required to incorporate aspects of uncertainty is much more difficult than that required for any of the deterministic models already treated. The single-vendor single-buyer integrated production inventory problems got a great deal of consideration in recent years. The objective of this work is to establish the mathematical modeling of inventory control under stochastic environment which are very common in reality. The necessary and the sufficient conditions of the existence and the uniqueness of the optimal solutions will have to study.

Department & Campus

Department of Mathematics, Coimbatore Campus

Any Specific Skillsets Required by Applicants

Classical optimization, MATLAB, LATEX

Faculty Profile

Inventory control (Optimization)
Dr. M. Ganesh Kumar

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, School of Engineering, Coimbatore

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