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Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham accepts SAT scores for its Undergraduate programmes.Students can choose to apply through SAT score. The SAT score will be accepted for both the Early and Regular Admissions window. The cut-off score for SAT will be in line with our shortlisting criteria for Undergraduate admissions.

The Designated Institution (DI) code is 7365.
All applicants applying with SAT score need to send us their official transcripts using this code. Indian students can send their SAT scores through their official College Board account to Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham for FREE.

Currently, the SAT is conducted 5 times in a year (May, August, October, December and March) in over 57 cities and 85 test centers across the country. Students can take the SAT multiple times. You can find available test centers to sit for the SAT in your area by filtering on India (or the country where you’d like to test) in this list:

To see SAT test dates and deadlines or to register for an upcoming SAT exam, see here:

Discount on SAT test fee for indian residents

For the 2020 testing year, students from income groups < 8,00,000 per annum and 8,00,000 – 15,00,000 per annum are eligible to receive SAT fee reduction vouchers and get a fee reduction of 90% and 50% respectively on the SAT fee, which means students can take the SAT at approximately Rs. 700 & approximately Rs. 3400 respectively. Students will have to apply at Buddy4Study for the fee reduction vouchers.

Request for SAT Fee reduction voucher – for eligible students appearing for the SAT test in 2020.

College Board India Scholars Program in partnership with Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

Students in India who score 1300 or above on the SAT® will be recognized as Top Performers by the College Board at the end of April on an annual basis. Top Performers who demonstrate significant financial need, defined as family income less than INR 8,00,000 per annum, are eligible to receive a full tuition scholarship for the entire duration of their programme of study. The family income will be verified by scholarship administration partner, Buddy4Study

Read more about the College Board India Scholars Program here

All the information provided here is for reference purpose only. The scholarship details provided is sourced from the website of Buddy4Study. The College Board has engaged Buddy4Study, the scholarship platform to distribute SAT fee reductions to low-income students across India.

Reference –

More about the SAT

What is SAT Test?

SAT is a test of college readiness and used by more than 6000 Universities across the globe and over 30 Universities in India.

Why SAT Test?
  • Measures what students learn in school, and what they need to succeed in Universities across the globe.
  • Makes it easier for students to show their best work to Universities.
  • Thousands of universities around the world, including several leading universities in India, accept SAT scores from students.
  • Administered Five times a year in India, in the months of March, May, August, October and December.
  • Students can take SAT multiple times and have a chance to improve their scores.
What is the structure of SAT Test?

The SAT is a test on a scale of 1600 points and is composed of 2 main sections — Math, Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, each carrying 800 points. The total testing time is 3 hours however there is an optional 50-minute essay, and total testing time with the essay is 3 hours and 50 minutes.

How do you prepare for the SAT?

College Board, the creators of the SAT, and Khan Academy have come together to create most comprehensive practice materials for the SAT – which is available to you completely free!

With Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy, you can find practice resources to help you prepare for the SAT. You will get access to thousands of practice questions with instant feedback, full-length practice tests, video lessons that explain problems step-by-step, and test-taking strategies.


SAT Test Structure
Component Time Allotted (minutes) Number of Questions/Tasks
Reading 65 52
Writing and Language 35 44
Essay (optional) 50 1
Math 80 58
Total 180 (230 with Essay) 154 (155 with Essay)
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