The program offers innovation in technology as well as methodology as listed below:

  1. Introduction of new customs to promote environment and gender equality. Chancellor Amma launched an annual Vishuthaineetam program where a sapling is included as part of the items gifted to children on Kerala New Year and encouraging them to care for it. In villages where women have a lower status than men, initiated a monthly,non-intrusive program where school children garland and show respect to an older woman in the village.
  2. Amrita RITE mobile technology adapted for Rural area: Adaptations are based on regional language,culture, and ability to work without internet.Mobile learning for language, Math, award winning science labs, sustainability education, social awareness, health management and human trafficking awareness software are included in regional languages to support the SDGs. Rural beneficiaries get access to quality education with technology.
  3. Holistic education for inclusive and quality includes health, nutrition, gender issues, environment, yoga and value education.
  4. Community Empowerment: Empower rural community by engaging and educating community members of disadvantaged sections to be change agents who sustain the program with ongoing mentoring.
  5. Teacher Training in managing multi-grade classes, technology, sustainability, gender-equality along with daily technology enabled monitoring using mobile apps and whatsapp.
  6. Promoting life-skills, compassion and an attitude to serve by participatory learning in rural India. 
  7. Promoting research based solutions via Amrita Live-in-Labs™.