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Sanjeevani core team of Direct Recycling which comes with a very innovative way to produce items from waste thus reusing and reducing the waste and the cost to make new products these youth of the association have taken a vow to teach these methods through simple interactive sessions thus spreading light in the ways of the divine.

Among several of its objectives is the passion to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged children in Kerala. To this end, the association provides financial aid to children from the poorest backgrounds and with the highest social risk.

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  • Workshop on paper making
  • Conducting craft workshops using recycling materials (paper, cloth, plastic)
  • Coordinating with the serve an hour [SAH] activities after class hours and during free slots
  • Setting up stalls for the sale of craft products
  • Organises competitions for poster making, web site designing, product designing etc

More than ninety-five percent of the funds raised through the sale of handicraft products made by our members and fundraiser events are donated to the children; the balance covers minimal administrative costs.

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Workshops Conducted

  • “Be Creative Week” – A series of workshops on paper mache, hand beading, weaving with silk and clay modelling
  • Bhavna’11 – Product making workshop on Paper bags, Handmade Paper, Cloth Mats, Friendship bands, Ornaments , Pen holders , Book marks and Note pads
  • Serve Just One Hour a Day – making incense stands from waste paper. This program was held for a week.
  • Burn, Bury or Recycle – workshop conducted on soft plastic. Students made e creative bags and accessories from recycled soft plastic.
  • ‘Shrishti’- Craft Workshop – organized a 2 day craft workshop on Oil painting, glass painting, fabric painting, photo shop card designing, weaving with silk, paper mache, paper making, clay modelling and hand heading.
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Exhibition and Stall set-up

Exhibition and stall are usually set-up on festival days and also during various different conferences.

  • September 27th on Amma’s birthday were crowd from all over world gathers to be a part of the celebration
  • Eco-Stall at Science Exhibition
  • During the ACM ICPC code contest
  • International conference ICSTSD, Kochi
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