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It is a unique initiative for the first year students under ‘Amrita Sanjeevani’ since 2010. This is a program designed over the free-slots available during the week days in all the four schools, where each batch of students have been given a designated slot to come and participate in various service activities. There are faculty members who have volunteered to be facilitators for each of these sessions.

The Objective of this course is to mold the younger generation to enable them to serve for the transformation & betterment of our Nation and Society, help accomplish the selfless service element of the Mission Statement of our institution.

The goal of this course is to inspire students to act and create positive change in the society. The course will endeavour to introduce students to social and environmental issues that impact the society today.

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Course Expectations

  • Gain insight about social and environmental issues
  • Understand the importance of conserving natural resources
  • Practically learn how much they can contribute to the social and environmental issues (through the project)
  • Experience the contentment in helping a poor person
  • Experience the gratification in making a positive change in the society
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Serve an Hour – 2010

The program was conducted for 12 batches in engineering, 2 batches in biotech and one batch in Ayurveda. Over 20 faculty members volunteered to facilitate this course.

Projects/Activities Conducted:

  • Products where made from waste – These products made by the students were displayed in an International conference.
  • Role plays on social issues – Student presented a skit on various social issues.
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Serve an Hour – 2011

This year the course is designed to comprise distinct activities like building up good relationship with fellow beings, sessions on Importance of values in life, stress management, awareness on cleanliness and gardening and students will be organizing awareness campaign on environmental and social issues in the campus and in various other higher secondary schools.

  • Talks on by resource people on Values in life, confidence building and stress management.
  • Seed planting
  • School visit connection with an awareness campaign on ‘environmental and social issues. The campaign was organized in various schools, students conducted sessions on the following topics,
    • Eco Friendly Initiatives
    • ABC Awareness
    • Anti Alcoholism and Anti smoking
    • Organic Gardening
    • Direct Recycling
    • Use and Misuse of Technology

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