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The origin of Indian art can be traced to pre-historic Hominid settlements in the 3rd millennium BC. On its way from ancient, medieval, colonial, modern to contemporary periods, Indian art has been under great cultural influences (e.g. Indus Valley and Hellenistic), as well as religious influences (e.g. Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism). Materials and the use of media are highly diverse, such as sculpture on wood and metals, to painting on paper, wall, pottery and glass, jewelry art and textile art, etc. Therefore, the cultural heritage of Indian art is one of the richest and most ancient in the world.

Under the stream of Fine Arts, we have conducted a number of courses in painting, clay modeling, collage, etc. held by professional artist teachers from India and the overseas. Trained students also have chances to take part in nationwide art competitions and receive awards for their accomplishments.

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