The Amritapuri Campus is spread over 80 acres of land in one of the most beautiful and picturesque locales of the Kerala coastal line. It is currently home to numerous schools and research centers. Distinguished professors and scholars share their knowledge and experiences with the students. The campus provides all modern amenities from playgrounds to cafeterias.

ICTS is the primary provider of IT, telecommunication, computing and related facilities. An email id is provided to all faculty, staff and students. An online knowledge archive Vidya helps provide quality teaching and learning material from some of the best universities and organisations in the world. The current archive volume is over 3 Terabytes. Learning material, including audio and video lectures are included in 22 core areas.



There are 2650 computers and 100 high-end servers deployed at the Amritapuri Campus. The ISP connectivity is fault tolerant and provides a speed of 68 Mbps in high-availability as well as load-sharing modes. The institution provides email ids to faculty, staff and students.

Information and Communication Technology Services (ICTS) provides leadership for planning and coordinating central IT resources and is responsible for constantly upgrading and developing the computing and telecommunications systems on campus.IT resources, services and end-user support is provided for the institution's research, academic and administrative needs. The services offered span a vast range of areas like Enterprise Applications, Networks and Security, Systems and Operations, Teaching and Learning Technologies, etc.

The department manages the NOC (Network Operations Center), various ISP connections, gateways and firewalls on campus. IT Enabled Services also encompasses new network implementations and Wi-Fi networks, E-Learning amenities, audio/video systems, campus PABX functions and administrative supervision over UPS.Wi-Fi technology allows connectivity between different schools on campus and enables computers to send and receive data anywhere within the range of base stations or access points. Wi-Fi network on campus uses radio technology protocol 802.11b. It is deployed in wireless LAN environment and provides up to 11 mbps transmission speeds on different channels in the 2.4 GHz band, a frequency shared by other wireless technologies like Bluetooth and cordless phones.

With these state-of-the-art facilities, the campus has earned a reputation for its work across a wide range of computer-based disciplines. The highly distributed computing environment uses cutting-edge computer simulation to solve problems for industry and academia.


  • High speed network printers: 5
  • Computer labs equipped with 600 computers, internet connectivity and network printers
  • Multi-campus e-learning facility for voice, video and data services
  • Separate internet browsing center for students

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Mechanical Workshops (Carpentry, Fitting, Foundry, Plumbing, Sheet Metal, Smithy, Welding), Computer Laboratories, Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory, Thermal Engineering Laboratory, Heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory, Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory, Machine Dynamics Laboratory, Materials Testing Laboratory, Metrology Laboratory, Metallurgy Laboratory, FMS Lab, CAD/CAM Laboratory, VLSI Design Laboratory, Microprocessor Lab, Digital Signal Processing Laboratory, Microwave Laboratory, Digital Electronics Laboratory, Communication Engineering Laboratory, Instrumentation and Control Laboratory, Power Electronics Laboratory, Power System Laboratory, Electrical Workshops, Electrical Machines Laboratory, Electrical Measurements Laboratory, Robotics Lab, Chemistry Laboratory, Physics Laboratory, CISCO Laboratory, Multimedia Lab

Football Ground Carroms Internet Browsing Center
Badminton and Tennis Courts Table Tennis Repographic Center
Basket Ball & Volley Ball Courts Chess Gymnasium (Boys & Girls)
Cricket and Kabbadi Pitches Billiards Karate Club