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About the school

About The Department

The Information, Communication and Technology Services (ICTS) department was formed to provide and coordinate the IT enabled services at Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore campus. The department is responsible for the maintenance and service of computing and networking facilities which includes various severs, internet, intranet, Wi-Fi networks, AUMS software, audio-visual equipment, e-learning facilitiesand uninterrupted power supply and procurement of computing facilities, communication equipment etc. The department has sufficient and well qualified staff for this purpose.

The total number of staff is 28.

Computing Facility

The campus is well equipped with over 1000 computers. The facility is distributed across the campus in computer centers at multiple locations. Computing facilities in the faculty rooms, administration and facilities management are inter-networked with high speed redundant fiber optic backbone. The network, storage and servers are consolidated at the Network Operations Centre (NOC) located in the main building complex. The NOC also hosts redundant internet links totaling to 310 Mbps.

Campus Wide Wi-Fi Service

Wi-Fi internet service is available for staff members and students in campus. This facility is also available in hostels. All the access points for Wi-Fi are regulated by our hardware firewall and Wi-Fi Controller.


(Amrita Virtual Interactive e-Learning World )The network is also connected to other campuses at Amritapuri, Bangalore and Kochi via dedicated A-VIEW facility which enables conduct of two-way audio-video enable lectures.

Amrita Mail

Mail server maintained by ICTS which is used by staff members for official communication. Every staff member on joining Amrita is given a mail ID with a storage capacity of 200-500 Mbps. Group mail facility is also available to specific groups upon request.  This mail service is moderated by ICTS which helps in controlling spam and junk mails from outside.


An online complaints register system. Using Syscare, staff members can report any complaints related to computing facilities and printing facilities. This system is also used for advance booking of E-learning halls, projector facilities etc. Once the query / complaint is lodged, an automated confirmation mail with complaint token is mailed to the requester. Upon resolving the issue another mail would be sent to the requester intimating the status.


The following servers are deployed in the campus.

No Server Name Description
1 Mail Server Outlook Office 365
2 Domain Server Active Directory, DNS and DHCP
3 AUMS Server University Management System
4 Oracle Server Database Management System
5 Service Desk  Server Service Call Management System
6 Web Server Web Hosting System
7 Tally Server Accounting System
8 Vidya Server Digital Library
9 Anti virus Server Security System
10 Thin Client Server Disk less node’s Server
11 Library Server Library Volume Subscription


Maintenance of Aums Software

All the academic management modules are done by using a software AUMS (Amrita University Management System). It is an in-house developed software. ICTS is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of this software system.

Vidya -The Knowledge Archive

There is a full fledged digital library built in-house by the name “VIDYA”. The digital library can be accessed from any nodes of the campus network. It has capacity of 4 terra bytes which includes video, audio, and text data. It also contain E journals, E books, MIT open courseware etc.


Internet Connectivity
Connectivity Bandwidth ISP Other Details
Leased Line 155Mbps BSNL 1:1
Leased Line 550Mbps TATA 1:1


Interactive Media and Web Development

It is a division of ICTS which takes care of Web designing and multimedia jobs of the campus. Various activities such as banner, poster, ID card designing and printing are done here.This section also takes care of maintenances and updation of college website.

E-Learning Studios

This hall houses the E learning studio. It is a multi-cast digital communication system. The primary objective of the studio is to conduct E-Learning lectures and distance education programs. Whenever any conference, workshop or distinguished lectures are conducted in any of the campuses, the same can be viewed by the students and faculty of any of the other campuses in an interactive manner through A-View software developed Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.


The Hall has a seating capacity of 265 with Audio Video facility and it is used for conducting in-campus functions.

The conference hall has a seating capacity of 27. It is for conducting board meetings, executive committee and departmental meetings. The hall is equipped with an industrial standard conference system.

Sudhamani hall has a seating capacity of 300. This is used for conducting seminars, placement activities and for various student club activities.

Krishna hall has a seating capacity of 112 equipped with Audio Video system. This is used for conducting seminars, student presentations.

Rama hall has a seating capacity of 85 equipped with Audio Video system. This is used for conducting seminars, student presentations.

Vyasa hall has a seating capacity of 90 equipped with Audio Video system. This is used for conducting seminars, student presentations.

Valmiki hall has a seating capacity of 80 equipped with Audio Video system. This is used for conducting seminars, placement activities, and student presentations.

Indo-US Corporate Class Room

Indo – US initiative is a collaborative program between Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and top US universities for knowledge transfer in the field of emerging technologies. This Studio is used primarily as lecture hall for the Dual MS-Degree program offered by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in collaboration with Sunny Buffalo and other top US universities. ICTS was responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of this studio project. The studio is completely networked by wireless technology. The maintenance and trouble shooting of IT enabled services are also done by ICTS group.It has a seatin capacity of 62.

UPS Facility

The Institution has an Adequate Power Backup.The total capacity of the power backup is 291 KVA.

The details of the UPS given below

Public Address System

The Academic Blocks are connected with a centralized PA (Public Address System) which is used for general announcement, Prayer etc. There is an automated and programmable bell system which helps to maintain the routine time table of the Academic system.

EPABX System

Configuration of the EPBAX software and assigning extension numbers to departments based on the approval from the Director. This system has 32 digital lines and more than 352 analog lines.  Periodic health checks and inspections of both EPBAX and Video surveillance systems are conducted.



Phone Numbers 080 28441416 (Direct)
080 25183700
Extn No 306,301

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