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Research Domain


Engines, Hybrid-Electric Engines, Alternate fuel, Emission studies, Noise, Vibration & Acoustics studies, Psychoacoustics studies, Vehicle dynamics, ADAS, Parametric studies & optimisation, Life-cycle assessment, Low temperature combustion studies etc.,


Funded Projects

1. DST – FIST 2016

Ref : SR/FST/ETI-409/2016

Funds for the Improvement of S&T Infrastructure (FIST) of the Department of Science & Technology (DST)

This Scheme provided basic infrastructure and enabling facilities for promoting R&D activities in new and emerging areas and attracting fresh talents in universities as complementary support for enabling Departments to pursue research activities more effectively and efficiently

The Department of Mechanical Engineering had received a grant of Rs 2.95 Crores in 2018 for Emission measurement equipment.

The specifications of the equipment purchased are:

  • Partial flow dilution tunnel for particulate measurement complying to EPA regulation CFR-1065
  • Automotive emission analysis system (for EGR and direct analysis ​for diesel, gasoline and CNG engines

2. Development of laser surface Texturing technology for Automotive Applications

DST-TSDP project in collaboration with International Advanced Research Center for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI), Balapur PO, Hyderabad – 500005, India

Ref : DST/TSG/AMT/2015/628 and ARC/FIN/DST/SLAD/2016

Laser surface texturing of automotive cylinder liner surfaces offers the opportunity to reduce friction and wear while enhancing the overall Tribological performance of the lubricated sliding and rotating surfaces. This technology involves the creation of micro dimples (diameter ~20-70 μm) having a regular pattern with desired gradients to optimize given surface characteristics. Under hydrodynamic lubrication, and in conformal contact configuration, micro dimpled surfaces can lower friction, reduce wear and increase the hydrodynamic lubrication efficiency of the components. This low-friction technology has applications in various engine components, such as the interface between the face seal and cylinder liner/piston ring, connecting rod eyes/pins etc.


  • Laser surface texturing process development on selective automotive components
  • Field trials and validation
  • Evaluate the economic feasibility for incorporation on automotive components

Field Trials:

  • Oil consumption tests – cold start and full range – both motoring and loading
  • Performance and endurance testing
Academic Projects
  • Performance and emission characteristics of low heat rejection engine fuelled with Biodiesel
  • Experimental Investigation on performance and emission characteristics of DI diesel engine fuel blended with tyre pyrolysis oil and Di phenyl ether
  • Design and Analysis of Engine Mount System for a Formula Student Vehicle
  • Experimental study on the performance and emission characteristics of SI engine with ethers
  • Experimental investigation of diesel engine fuelled with cotton seed oil and anti Nox agents.
  • Performance and emission characteristics of fuel from plastic waste
  • Effect of Antioxidants on the performance and emission characteristics of a CI engine fuelled by waste cooking biodiesel
  • Heat release rate analysis of diesel water emulsion
  • Investigation on performance, emission of RCCI duel fuel combustion by direct injection
  • An experimental study on PCCI-DI engine fuelled with diesel and biodiesel blends
  • Obstacle warning system via camera module
  • Assessment and improvising driver seat comfort in a farm equipment
  • Emission modelling of commercial vehicle engines
  • Determination of Acoustic Performance for different types of Expansion Chamber
  • Novel ignition system for lean burn combustion engines
  • Comparison of performance and emission attributes of neem-ethanol-diesel blends with and without egr in single cylinder diesel engine using pilot injection
  • Influence of variable injection pressure and split injection on combustion and emission behaviour of an engine with diesel-biodiesel blends
  • Engine test cell noise measurement and attenuation
  • Vibration analysis of coiled springs
  • Machine learning approach for prediction of diesel engine performance using artificial neural network.
  • Effect of EGR and injection timing on performance and emission characteristics of a CI engine using methanol diesel blends
  • Design and fabrication of EGR and optimization of the emission characteristics of single cylinder CI engine.
  • Thermodynamic analysis on performance of EGR valve of a DI engine using bio diesel
  • Effect of psychoacoustic analysis in vehicle exhaust noise

The above is partial and doesn not include consultancy projects

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