One of the most important dimensions of all around human and societal development is spirituality. Amma, by her all-embracing love, compassion, service, and universal motherhood, has given a whole new life, vibrancy and practical meaning to Indian spirituality. To give the younger generation an opportunity to study, learn, imbibe, practice and spread the essence of the wisdom of our scriptures, rishis and God realized masters, Amrita has launched the new International Centre for Spiritual Studies -- Amrita Darshanam.

Amrita Darshanam offers various Ph.D., Masters and Humanities courses focussing on specific areas. Through the humanities courses we aim to provide a complementary course of education for students to develop better personalities. We aim to develop human beings with refined social sensitivity and community awareness. The Centre aims at enriching the understanding of the younger generation through lectures conducted by experts in the fields of Philosophy, Indian culture, History and traditions, Ashtanga yoga etc. This will not only enrich our students’ knowledge, but also generate right awareness about the diverse treasures that our culture holds.

The Indian educational tradition follows the discipline of hearing, reflecting, and comprehending knowledge, that is presented. Applying this process to the study of Philosophy will help our students to analyse and understand spirituality and inspire them to lead ethical lives, and thereby gain the ultimate goal of life.