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Geophone Based Signal Processing for Detecting Landslides

Every year landslides cause huge devastation in several parts of the world. To alleviate this problem, this paper proposes a distributed Wireless Geophone Network (WGN) to early warn landslides. This research work has developed a novel wireless geophone placement strategy that helps easier detection of landslide signals by reducing the noise impact on raw geophones signals. This work enhances current state of art by integrat-ing existing signal processing techniques with detection and removal of footstep and vehicle movement noises. This system will be integrated with the existing wireless sensor network for landslide detection deployed at Munnar, India by Amrita University. These enhance-ments were experimented and evaluated in life size landslide laboratory setup at Amrita University and also in the deployment field at Amrita, the results of which are discussed here. The system would eventually help in issuing warnings to the resident people about an imminent landslide, thereby reducing the damage to life.

System architecture is shown below:


Team Members

Leader Of the Team : Maneesha V. Ramesh
Faculty : Abishek T. K.
Student: Sai Radha Krishna G.

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