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Multimedia: Video Sharing for E-classroom

Nowadays, e-learning has become one of the common platforms that every university relies on for long distance, and real time education transfer. This paper solves one of the important research challenges in this area, which is the loss of synchronization between the videos shared among different classrooms and the avoidance of network throttling. To achieve an interactive e-learning environment, a Real Time Media Sharing Protocol (RTMS Protocol) is proposed in this paper. This RTMS Protocol facilitates the stable and scalable synchronization of shared video and video operations, from a real classroom to multiple virtual classrooms. The paper contains a sequence diagram and timing diagram of the RTMS Protocol. The protocol is implemented in Adobe Flex and is tested in a real world scenario with one real classroom and two virtual classrooms. The use of Round Trip Time (RTT) and Universal Resource Locators (URL) advance the design of this protocol.

Team Members

Multimedia: Video Sharing for E-classroom
Balaji Hariharan

Leader of the Team

Multimedia: Video Sharing for E-classroom
Sreedevi A. G.


Multimedia: Video Sharing for E-classroom
Neethu Joy


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