The advancements in the field of wireless technology has led to a widespread acceptance of multimedia on wireless networks. The increasing popularity of multimedia networking applications such as e-learning has brought in more requirements in educational institutions for the students to learn online. Although the current e-learning systems facilitates interaction between student and the teacher, this master thesis project improves this virtual class which would be comparable to that of a real class scenario. However to impart effective learning, interaction between a student in the remote class-room and the teacher in the main classroom is mandatory .To enhance this virtual classroom, an automatic e-learning system which is used to track a speaker in the classroom is done in this project. Wireless technology that consists of collection of audio and video sensors tracks and identifies the speaker of interest in the classroom so that the lecturer on the other end will be able to effectively interact and can have a one to one communication with the focused student.


Figure: Localization of a speaker in a class using audio and video sensors who is projected to the screen on the other end

Team Members

Leader Of the Team Faculty Student


Balaji Hariharan


Sangeeth Kumar


Aparna V. S.