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Wireless Security of Sensor Networks for Landslide Monitoring

Security is a critical issue in many real-world applications of wireless sensor network (WSN). A WSN used for real-time detection of landslide is modeled for implementing security. Denial-of-service (DoS) and passive information gathering are the two major attacks identified in this real-time landslide detection system. In DoS service attack, the attacker denies services available to the legitimate sensor nodes by sending unnecessary packets. A machine learning technique named neural network (NN) is used to detect DoS attack conducted by an adversary in the network of MICAz motes. In passive information gathering, an adversary tries to obtain the confidential information stored in MICAz motes. Security based on a symmetric cryptographic algorithm is proposed for securing the data from passive information gathering. This cryptographic algorithm can also be used for detecting DoS attack.

Team Members
Leader Of the Team : Maneesha V. Ramesh
Faculty : Hemalatha T.
Student: Aswathy B. Raj

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