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TEC @Amrita

Technology Enabling Center at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham is established in September, 2019 with the support of Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India. Our mandate is to create an Ecosystem for Technology Development in the state and country  by networking with researchers, institutes, National laboratories and industry. The focus of Centres will be on providing an innovation eco system, process and support system.

In the TEC we make sure that the technologies/innovations developed in the state reach the market through collaborations with companies. We work to “make things happen”.

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We work on Market-Driven Technology Transfer. We’re convinced that to translate technologies and discoveries to the market, we need a market perspective from the very beginning. TEC takes this “company perspective” when working in tandem with the researchers, bridging the gap between research and industry. We’re allies of the companies while the transfer process is underway, ensuring a winning result for all sides.

The team, with a broad experience in business and research, fosters the partnership between industry and science and helps them to align their interests and complementary strengths in order to create trustworthy and long-lasting alliances for the pursuit of common goals.

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The TEC scouts new discoveries and results in the institute, gives supports to the researchers during technology valorization and intellectual property development, and defines the commercialization strategy.

At the beginning of the innovation chain, the TECHNOLOGY ENABLING CENTER (TEC) supports the finding of inventions or innovative ideas through, e.g., technology screenings or inventor workshops. Inventions are subsequently rated and potentially patented by the TEC. For software developments and commercially interesting services suitable commercialization strategies are developed and marketed through business networks or dedicated business development efforts.

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Regularly, inventions from fundamental research projects undertaken at Universities are not market-ready, if this is the case, the TEC supports in setting up projects for the validation or prototyping of technologies.

Additionally,  the team of TEC is the point of contact for requests from the industry, e.g. with respect to co-operation projects, contract research or the development of tailor-made solutions.

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Our vision is to emerge as the academic hub in the state for innovation by providing synergy and support to other academic institutions and MSMEs in the state.

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Our mission is to create an eco-system that contributes to empowering the scientific and business community and enhancing the innovation potential of both – the state and the country as a whole.

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  • Awareness creation for solutions based on needs assessment.
  • Creating platforms for exhibition and showcasing of talent.
  • Nurturing innovators through its network of partners.
  • Augment innovators in the Kerala State with
    • Eco-system of resources
    • Innovation
    • Advisory/facilitating role towards technology transfer and entrepreneurship.
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