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Amrita E- Learning Research Lab with 150 staff members has one of the biggest funded projects in India. The major areas of research and development are: online collaboration, video technology, networks, multimedia content and sharing, interactive games, pedagogy, image recognition, knowledge representation. There are teams in Quality Assurance, Support and Deployment.

The Lab has advanced infrastructure for product development: over 200 computers, local and cloud servers, elearning studios, and demonstration areas.

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Individual computers are provided to all students for their assignments and project work. The staff members of the lab work with the students on various projects, and provide the practical and industry edge in the training of the students .

There is a modern E-Learning Studio that is sound proof with custom lighting. It has a variety of equipments for audio, video, mixers, image recognition, and transmission of high quality classes for distance education. The students can use the studio for their projects and research. This studio allows highly interactive video conferencing between many places all over the world.

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