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Finalists:Runner-Up at GLOBAL CYBERPEACE CHALLENGE 3.0 – 2022

This challenge was conducted by Cyber Peace India . The challenge had 4 rounds in total, consisting of 2 qualifying rounds and 2 final rounds. For the qualifying round, a problem statement was given through an email. After the qualification round, we received an email from Cyber Peace, mentioning that we have qualified this round. We then teamed up with random participant, resulting in a total of 5 members in a team . (Sanyam Jain Mtech bits. Pilani , Garvit Mehta Btech Techno India NJR , Deepanshu Gajbhiye Btech University Institute of Technology, RGPV ) We received problem statement which was based on power grid attack through an email for the semi-final round and after analyzing , were supposed to file a report in five days on how the attack will affect the country economically, socially ,politically, technologically, legally and internationally. We passed the semifinals and proceeded to the finals. Nine teams qualified for finals and there were two rounds in the finals. In the 1st round we filed a report analyzing the Ransomware attack on Natural Gas Facility’s payment system and discussed the problem faced due to the attack. Some problems that we discussed are: •What is the damage caused by this attack? •What if this cyber attack happened in your country? Among the nine teams, six teams qualified for the final round. In the final round, we filed a report analyzing the same Ransomware attack on Natural Gas Facility relating it with US-China trade wars and COVID-19 , For this round we had to present the report to the jury.


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TN Police Hacking Contest 2019

Amrita Hackathon team mentored by TIFAC-CORE in Cyber Security, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore campus, secured third place in the finals of TN Police Hacking contest held on November 23, 2019.

A total of 100 teams from different colleges/offices participated for the final round out of shortlisted 250 teams. The final round was held in the DGP Office, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


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The participants were given a task to Capture the Flag which they get by the end of all 7 challenges. The challenges included Windows Hacking, Malware Analysis, Web Hacking, etc. A two-member team, A. V. Sidhartha and Aditya Shanmugam Third-year B.Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering, accompanied by faculty members Ms. Santhya R. and Mr. Ashok Kumar Mohan from TIFAC-CORE in Cyber Security, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, participated in the final round and secured the third prize. The final round was challenging enough to test the abilities and skills of the participants. The winners also got an opportunity to work with the cyber department of the police under the organization named ‘Cyber Arangam’. It is an organization set up in collaboration with IIT Madras and Cyber Cell, Chennai, in order to give an opportunity for students to work in real-time environments in the field of Cyber Security. ”

We secured the prize because of the consistent hard work and selfless team effort. We would like to share the credits with our faculty members Ms. Santhya R and Mr. Ashok Kumar Mohan, who constantly supported us and helped us prepare for the event. We had an amazing experience participating in the national level CTF competition,” shared Sidhartha.

“It was an informative and fun event, we expected to win the first price but we missed it in the last challenge. Such events bring awareness to students about cybercrimes. I hope each and every student should participate in such events,” added Aditya. The winners were felicitated by Tamil Nadu Director General of Police Thiru. J. K. Tripathy., IPS. ADGP (Admin) Thiru. P. Kandaswamy., IPS, ADGP Cyber Thiru. G. Venkataraman., IPS, Chennai IIT Professor Thiru. Kamakoty also attended the function and addressed the gathering.

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Cyber Disease 2019

A five member team mentored by faculties Ms.Santhya R. and Mr. Ashok Kumar Mohan from TIFAC-CORE in Cyber Security, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham participated in the final round of Cyber Disease 2019 event at IIT Bombay on 16th March 2019 and secured the overall 3rd prize worth 22,000/- INR. The team was lead by Alagu Vignesh, 3rd year CSE with his teammates Ishwarya S., 3rd year CSE, Aditya Shanmugam, 2nd year ECE, Kailash R., 2nd year CSE, and Kannan Mani S M, 3rd year CSE. The challenges included Windows Hacking, Malware Analysis, Web Hacking, Password Breaking and reporting of PoC/IoC for investigating cyber crimes. The prelims was organized in 17 different colleges across India and a prelims round was conducted at the end of the workshop. In Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham zonal centre, around 200 students from different colleges participated in which 8 students were selected for the final round and five of them were from Amrita School of Engineering. The prelims round had four challenges on Windows Hacking, Smart Phone Hacking, System Attack and Email Investigation.


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Winners Testimonials

Feedback from Ishwarya:

“We secured the prize because of consistent hardwork and selfless team effort. We would like to share the credits with our faculties Ms. Santhya R and Mr. Ashok Kumar Mohan, who constantly supported us and helped us prepare for the event. We had an amazing experience participating in the national level CTF competition.”

Feedback from Aditya Shanmugam:

“It was an informative and a fun event, we expected to win the first price but we missed it in the last challenge. Such events brings awareness to the students about cyber crimes. I hope each and every student should participate in such events.”

Feedback from Alagu Vignesh:

“The event was well organized, tasks and challenges were in a perfect flow, each challenge greatly tested our skills on this field and brought us greater knowledge about cyber forensics as we progressed with the challenge.”

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CSA Conference – Privacy & Forensics on Cloud 2017

Cloud Security Alliance (Coimbatore Chapter) organized “Cyber Security Summit’17” on Privacy & Forensics on Cloud 2017 (July 14, 2017) at Dr. GRD College, Coimbatore to discover lessons learned from enterprise experts in securing their clouds and achieving compliance objectives. The Summit focuses on multiple issues linked with the current use of cloud cyberspace by the various stake holders and creating awareness of the responsibility associated with the judicious use of this significant and powerful tool, without endangering the fragile security and social framework. We are bound by duty and principle to ensure that the advantages of cyberspace are utilized towards constructive initiatives across all domains, thereby spreading goodwill amongst one and all and the zest to contribute mightily to the development of our country.


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The conference had around 25 contestants from different colleges who presented on various topics related to networks and forensics. Meenakshi Suresh and V Sivasangari of M.Tech Cyber Security 2nd year bagged the second prize in the paper presentation.

They presented a paper on “Hijacking The HTTPS -HTTP/2”. Leading Security Evangelist like Benildus Nadar Head – CSA India, Security Head – Deep Identity Pvt Ltd, India, also discussed on various topics addressing the Data security, Privacy threats and forensics on cloud and propose solutions to handle them safe.

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CSAW’16 (Capture The Flag)

Team “Jackdaw” which is the core team working for Institution security under the banner of “AMU-CBE-OPFOR#800080” is trained by TIFAC-CORE in Cyber Security and have been qualified to participate in the finals of International level CSAW CTF hosted at IIT-Kanpur and organized by NYU (New York University). Other than NIT’s and IIT’s, there are only 3 other teams from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham selected to participate in the finals countrywide. Our team “jackdaw” comes in the TOP 3 in India level and ranked #141 out of 1274 teams worldwide. The selected teams has been sponsored with flight tickets, food and accommodation for the same at IIT-Kanpur campus.


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Team Name: Jackdaw
Team Members:

  • Krishna Ram Prakash R (CYS), 
  • Sachin Kamath (CSE), 
  • Shanthosh Kumar D R (AERO)

Score Board:

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Cyber Suraksha

Neethu R. and Arya R., of M. Tech. in Cyber Security, Coimbatore campus were the winners of Cyber Suraksha, National Level Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security event held at Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad on 30 January, 2016. The event was conducted under the combined initiative of Nvision (IITH) and i3indya Security Group.

A very unique and new challenge in the field of Ethical Hacking to be held for the very 1st time in India by i3indya Technologies in association with NVISION 2016, IIT Hyderabad whose Prelims were conducted across 8 cities of India and Finale at NVISION 2016. It is one of India’s 1st National Level Event based on Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security to be held among 6,000 students. Students from 1500 colleges of India would be participating in the Event including IIT’s and NIT’s.  At the end of workshop,  the Prelims of Cyber Suraksha was conducted (45 Mins) for all the participants who have attended the workshop from December 2015 to 28th January 2016. . 5 TOP SHORTLISTED STUDENTS were invited for the FINALE ROUND of “Cyber Suraksha” held at NVISION 2016, IIT Hyderabad. Cyber Suraksha website got more than 2 Million hits by the time of final event at IIT Hyderabad.

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Hack-a-thon 2015

M.Tech. Students in Cyber Security from Coimbatore campus are among the top 5 teams in the Cyber Security Innovation & Research (Hack-a-thon 2015), a full day hacking event, conducted at PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore on 15th December 2015.

M. Tech. Cyber Security students Krishna Ram Prakash, Nischai, Sudakshina Singha Roy and Aswin was among the top five teams selected for finals to be held on June 2016.

The Cyber Security Innovation and Research contests; sponsored by US Consulate, Chennai and implemented by Learning Links Foundation are a series of Hackathons, which will be conducted in South Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka & Kerala. Learning Links Foundation will be organizing these hackathons in premier technological institutions. These Hackathons are focused on creating awareness and developing skills in Cyber Security discipline, the platform is also designed to promote networking initiatives for students and budding engineers to inspire and enable skill development and innovation in Cyber Security field in India. The focus is on the youth, who will participate in the event with a maximum of 4 members in a team.

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