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Advanced Java and J2EE Lab
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Undergraduate (UG)
School of Arts and Sciences
School of Engineering

'Advanced Java and J2EE Lab' is a course offered in the fifth semester of B. C. A. (Bachelor of Computer Applications) program at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.

  • Program to demonstrate Swing components.
  • Program to implement Address Book using Swing components.
  • Program to demonstrate loading of file in an Swing Component.
  • Multithreading program, one of the threads print a….z and other thread print 1…26.
  • Example: 1a2b3c…. 26z.
  • Multithreading program to schedule two jobs.
  • Client Server Socket Programming.
  • Server Socket which receives data from a java client program using JSON
  • Program to fetch a particular Website tags when an URL is specified.
  • Implement stack, queue, hashmap, hashtable, enumeration, ArrayList.
  • Create a table from a java program.
  • Update a table from a java program.
  • Load a table data in Swing components.
  • Delete a record from a table, drop table from a java file.
  • Program which shows use of Statement, Prepared Statement and Callable Statement.
  • Configure Apache Tomcat and write a hello world jsp page.
  • Configure Apache Tomcat server to deploy Servlets.
  • Exceptional handling in a JSP page.
  • Create a login page and authenticate a user in a JSP page using database.
  • Write a program to implement a simple servlet which writes a Welcome HTML page in the web browser.
  • A servlet should receive a parameter from JSP page and process it.
  • Servlet program to implement parameter handling.
  • Servlet program to handle GET and POST request.
  • A website hit counter data which has to be saved in a cookie.
  • Implement a Java Beans to set and get values.
  • Program to illustrate the procedure of handling session and print a Hello world using Java Bean.
  • Enterprise Session Beans, deploy, and run a simple Java EE application which does add, subtract, multiply and division using stateless session bean.
  • An application named account using stateful session bean. The purpose of account is to perform transaction operations (deposit and withdraw) for the customer.
  • The account application consists of an enterprise bean, which performs the transactions, and two types of clients: an application client and a web client. llow the user to properly close the frame