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Course Detail

Course Name Blockchains and Decentralized Applications
Course Code 21SN639
Program M. Tech. in Cyber Security Systems & Networks
Credits 3


Blockchain History. What is a Blockchain? Do you need a Blockchain? Permission-less vs Permissioned Blockchains, Public vs Private vs Hybrid vs Consortium Blockchains, Enterprise Blockchains (Hyperledger, R3 Corda), Generation of Blockchains – Bitcoin (First), Ethereum (Second with dApps), Cosmos (Third as IOB – Internet of Blockchains) Introduction to Cryptography, Public Key Cryptography, Cryptographic primitives – Cryptographic hash functions and Digital signatures, Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA), Crypto-economics

Blockchain Mechanics and Optimizations – Structure, Architecture, GHOST Protocol, Mining Process, Blockchain Demos Blockchain Consensus Algorithms – Proof-of-Work (POW), Proof-of-X (POX) – Proof-of-Stake (POS), Delegated POS (DPOS), Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT), Practical BFT (PBFT), Ripple Protocol Consensus Algorithm (RPCA), Unique Node Lists (UNL), Paxos & Multi-Paxos, Raft, Proof-of-Authority (POA), Proof-of-Importance (POI), Proof-of-Elapsed-Time (POET), SIEVE, Proof-of-Weight (POW), Proof-of-Burn (POB), Proof-of-Activity (POA), Proof-of-Capacity (POC), Proof-of-Deposit (POD), Proof-of-Retrievability (POR), Proof-of-Luck (POL) and Tendermint BlockDAG & Blockless DAG Protocols – SPECTRE, PHANTOM and GHOSTDAG Blockchain IRL – Public & Private Keys, Hot and Cold Storages, Wallets, Lite Clients & Full nodes, Miners, Block & Transaction Incentives, Mining Infrastructure, Mining Pools & Organizations Languages & Tools – Bitcoin Scripting language, Ethereum Smart Contracts using Solidity language with Tools (ethPM / npm, Node.js, EVM, Truffle, Remix IDE, Ganache, MetaMask, web3.js etc. …) and Hyperledger Fabric Chaincodes in GO language Anonymity, Attacks on Blockchain Networks & Wallets, Scaling of Blockchains, Future of Blockchains

Decentralized Applications:Cryptocurrencies (Internet of Money) – History, Bitcoin, Ethers & Gas (Ethereum) and Atom (Cosmos), Introduction to Altcoins & Stablecoins, DOT (Polkadot), Ripple, Stellar & IOTA, Forking of Cryptocurrencies, Attack on Digital Assets, Cryptocurrencies for the Masses, Funding Crypto development (Crowd Funding, ICO & STO), How to destroy Cryptocurrencies? Token Specifications, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs – Internet of Assets), Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO)Digital Asset applications (Cryptokitties …) and Enterprise Real-World applications



1. Blockchain Technology by Chandramouli Subramanian, Asha A George, Abhilash K A and Meena Karthikeyan

2. Blockchain Applications – A Hands-on Approach by Arshdeep Bahga and Vijay Madisetti

3. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies by Arvind Narayanan, Joseph Bonneau, Edward Felten, Andrew Miller and Steven Goldfeder

4. Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas Antonopoulos

5. Mastering Ethereum, Building Smart Contracts and dApps by Andreas Antonopoulos and Dr Gavin Wood

Course Outcomes

  • CO1. Exploring the fundamentals of Blockchain, Types & Generations of Blockchains, Enterprise Blockchains, Blockchain Mechanics & Optimizations and Blockchain Consensus Algorithms
  • CO2. Familiarizing with Blockchain IRL, Network & Wallet Attacks, Scaling and Future of Blockchains
  • CO3.  Understanding Bitcoin, Altcoins and Forking
  • CO4.  Exploring Ethereum, dApps – Smart Contracts and related Languages & Tools,Forking, Stablecoins, Token Specifications, NFTs, DeFi and DAO
  • CO5. Exploring Attack on Digital assets, Cryptocurrencies for the Masses, Funding Crypto development, How to destroy Cryptocurrencies? Digital Asset applications and Enterprise Real-World applications
  • CO6. Familiarizing with Hyperledger Fabric, Fabric Network, Chaincode and related Languages & Tools

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