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Computer Graphics and Visualization
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Postgraduate (PG)
School of Arts and Sciences
School of Engineering

'Computer Graphics and Visualization' is a course offered in M. C. A. (Master of Computer Applications) program at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.

Computer Graphics Fundamentals: Overview of CG - Video Displays -Color Models- Output Primitives.

Introduction to OPENGL- Points, Lines – Specifying a 2D World Coordinate Reference Frame in OpenGL- OpenGL Point Functions, Line Functions Polygon Fill Area Functions, Vertex Arrays - Line Drawing Algorithms - Circle Generation Algorithm Filled Area Primitives OpenGL fill Area Functions - Scan Line Polygon Filling Algorithms – Boundary Fill - Flood Fill Algorithms Attributes of Output Primitives. Geometric Transformations: Basic 2Dtransformations-Other Transformations- Reflection and Shearing. OpenGL Geometric Transformation Functions.

3D Object Representation: Fractals - Geometrical Transformation for - 3D Objects – Viewing and Clipping 2D Viewing Functions Clipping Operations. Three Dimensional Viewing: Viewing Pipeline, Viewing Coordinates. Projections: Parallel Projections, Perspective Projections. OpenGL Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Viewing Functions- OpenGL Animation.

Visible Surface Detection and Illumination Models: Visible Surface Detection Methods – Illumination Methods and Surface Rendering – Polygon. Rendering Methods: Constant Intensity Shading, Gouraud Shading, Phong Shading. OpenGL Illumination and Surface Rendering Functions, GUI – OpenGL Interactive Input Device Functions. The User Dialog – Interactive Picture Construction Techniques – Color Models - Computer Animation.

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