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Course Detail

Course Name Control Engineering
Course Code 15MEC402
Program B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering
Semester Seven
Year Taught 2019


Unit 1

Introduction: Concept of automatic controls, open and closed loop systems, concepts of feedback, requirement of an ideal control system.

Modeling of Systems: The control system, Mathematical models of physical systems – Introduction, Differential equations of physical systems – Mathematical Model: Mechanical System (both translation and rotational), Electrical systems (servos, D.C. Motors, A.C. Servomotors), Hydraulic systems (liquid level and fluid power systems), Thermal systems, Integrating devices, Hydraulic servomotor, temperature control system, error detectors.

Block Diagrams: Transfer Functions definition, function, block representation of system elements, reduction of block diagrams, Basic properties and gain formula to block.

Unit 2

System Response: First order and second order system response to step, ramp and sinusoidal inputs, concepts of time constant and its importance in speed of response

Stability analysis: Concepts of stability, Necessary conditions for Stability, Routhstability criterion, Relative stability analysis; Effect of proportional, integral and derivative control actions, steady state errors in unity feedback control systems

Root–Locus Techniques: Introduction, The root locus concepts, Construction of root loci, lead compensation, lag compensation and lag-lead compensation

Unit 3

System Analysis using Logarithmic plots: Bode attenuation diagrams, Stability Analysis using Bode diagrams, Simplified Bode Diagrams.

Control system analysis in state space: Introduction to the state concepts, state equation of linear continuous data system. Matrix representation of state equations, controllability and observability, Kalman and Gilberts test

Text Books

  1. K. Ogata – ‘Modern Control Engineering – Prentice Hall (India) – Pearson Education – 2009 – 5th Edition
  2. Francis. H. Raven – ‘Automatic Control Systems’ – McGraw Hill – 1995 – 5th Edition


  • B. C. Kuo – ‘Automatic Control Systems’ – Wiley – 2009 – 9th Edition
  • Schaum’s Series – ‘Feedback and Control Systems’ – McGraw Hill Education – 2013 – 2nd Edition
  • I. J. Nagarath & M. Gopal – ‘Control Systems’ – New age International Publishers.
  • Norman Nise- ‘Control Systems Engineering’ – Wiley and Sons – 2015 – 7thEdition
  • Rihard C. Drof and Robert. H. Bishop Addison – ‘Modern Control Systems’ – Wesley – 2010 – 12th Edition

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