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Course Detail

Course Name Digital Signal and Image Processing
Course Code 18CS622
Credits Coimbatore
Year Taught 2018


Course Syllabus

Two-Dimensional Signals and Systems, Separable Signals, Periodic Signals, General Periodicity, 2-D Discrete-Space Systems, 2-D Convolution, Stability in 2-D Systems. Digital Image Fundamentals-Image acquisition, pixel representation, sampling quantization.

Image enhancement in spatial domain-linear and non linear operators, basic gray level transforms, Histogram, histogram processing- equalization, Matching & color histogram. Enhancement using arithmetic/logic operations, spatial filtering, smoothing spatial filtering, Sharpening spatial filtering. Discrete Fourier Series, Properties, Periodic Convolution, Shifting Property, DFT, Circular Convolution and Shift, Interpolating DFT- 1D and 2D Discrete Cosine Transform, Sub-bands and Discrete Wavelet Transform and relation to filter banks Smoothing frequency domain filtering, sharpening frequency domain Image Transforms –Morphological Image processing- restoration- Sparse representation in image processing. Color Image Processing:

Segmentation – Thresholding – Edge-Based Segmentation – Region Based Segmentation Mean Shift – Active Contour Models – Geometric Deformable Models – Fuzzy Connectivity – 3D Graph Based Image Segmentation – Graph Cut Segmentation – Optimal Surface segmentation- Shape Representation and Description: Hough Transform – Feature Detection and matching – Contour Based and Region Based Shape representation and Description – Feature descriptors- SIFT,SURF,GLOH-matching and tracking Motion Estimation Optical Flow Segmentation – Recognition(Applications as Case studies).

Text Books

  1. Richard Szeliski, “Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications”, Springer, 2011.
  2. Milan Sonka, Vaclav Hlavac and Roger Boyle, “Image Processing, Analysis and Machine Vision”, Third Edition, Cengage Learning, 2007.
  3. Rafael C. Gonzalez and Richard E. Woods, “Digital Image Processing”, Third Edition, Pearson Education, 2009.
  4. John W. Woods, “Multidimensional Signal, Image, and Video Processing and Coding”, Second Edition, , Academic Press, Elsevier Inc. 2012.
  5. William K. Pratt, “Digital Image Processing”, Fourth Edition, Wiley Interscience, 2007.


‘Digital Signal and Image Processing’ is a Soft Core course offered for the M. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering program at School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.

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