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Course Detail

Course Name Heat Transfer
Course Code 15MEC312
Program B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering
Semester Six
Year Taught 2019


Unit 1

Heat transfer – basic modes of heat transfer and fundamental laws. Conduction heat transfer: energy balance, integral and differential approaches, general heat conduction equations in Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical coordinates, initial and boundary conditions. One-dimensional steady state conduction, thermal resistance networks, heat generation, variable thermal conductivity, critical insulation thickness, extended surface heat transfer, multidimensional steady conduction. Unsteady state heat conduction: lumped heat capacity, infinite and semi-infinite solids, numerical methods in conduction problems.

Unit 2

Convective heat transfer: Newton’s law of cooling, Prandtl number, hydrodynamic and thermal boundary layer, forced convection, Nusselt number, empirical relations in forced convection for flat plates, cylinders and spheres, Flow over tubes and bank of tubes Internal flow and heat transfer: fully developed laminar flow in pipes, turbulent forced convection, free convection, Natural convection: dimensionless numbers, combined natural and forced convection, Phase change heat transfer: Pool boiling, convective boiling, film and drop wise condensation, empirical relations for heat transfer with phase change.

Unit 3

Heat exchangers: Types, classifications, selection, standards, parallel, counter and mixed flow, multiple passes, LMTD, correction factors, effectiveness, NTU methods. Process design and construction of double pipe and shell and tube heat exchangers.

Radiation heat transfer: electromagnetic radiation spectrum, thermal radiation, absorptivity, reflectivity, transmissivity, emissivity, black body, gray body and white body, monochromatic and total emissive power, Planck’s law, Stefan-Boltzmann law, Wein’s Displacement law, Radiation exchange between surfaces, view factors, radiation shields, greenhouse effect.

Text Books

  1. Holman J. P. & Bhattacharyya S. -‘Heat Transfer’ – McGraw Hill Education (India) Private Limited – 2011 – 10e
  2. Cengel Y. A. & Ghajar A. J. – ‘Heat and Mass Transfer’ – McGraw Hill Education (India) Private Limited – 2011 – 4th Edition


  • Frank P. Incropera, David P. Dewitt, Theodore L. Bergman, Adrienne S. Lavine – ‘Principles of Heat and Mass Transfer’ – Wiley – 2013 – 7e
  • Donald Q. Kern – ‘Process Heat Transfer’, McGraw Hill Education (India) Private Limited – 2001
  • Adrian Bejan – ‘Heat Transfer’ – Wiley India Pvt Ltd. – 2011
  • M. Necati Ozisik – ‘Heat Transfer: A Basic Approach’ – McGraw Hill Inc. US – 1994
  • Louis C. Burmeister ‘Convective Heat Transfer’ – John Wiley & Sons – 1983

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