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Course Detail

Course Name Lifelong Learning and Learning Ecologies
Course Code 24CLT641
Program M. Sc. Cognitive Sciences, Learning and Technology
Semester Elective
Credits 3
Campus Amritapuri


Unit 1

Unit 1: Lifelong Learning: Perspectives and Purposes
Topics: This unit explores the concept of ‘lifelong learning’ and its historical development and application to education and training, considering the difference between the present and the future
Introduction to Lifelong Learning and Key Considerations
Theories and Modes of Lifelong Learning
Emerging Programs and New Approaches
Sites of Lifelong Learning and Policy Perspectives

Unit 2

Unit 2: Sites of Lifelong Learning and Learning Ecologies
Defining Learning Ecologies, Learning organizations
Components and Characteristics of Effective Learning Ecologies

Unit 3

Unit 3: Design of Learning Ecologies for Lifelong Learning
The design of learning technologies for distance and distributed learning
contribution of learning ecologies in promoting and sustaining lifelong learning.
Role of Digital Technologies in Lifelong Learning in open and distance learning
Development and transformation of Digital Tools and Platforms for e-Learning
Navigating Digital Information, Literacy, and Lifelong learning

Unit 4

Unit 4: Lifelong Learning: Policy Perspectives and Development
Strategies for Developing Personal Learning Networks (PLNs)
Integrating Lifelong Learning Practices into Professional Development
Evaluating and Adapting Learning Ecologies

Unit 5

Unit 5: Lifelong Learning: Emerging Programs and Future Challenges
Unpredictability of human future and redefinition of the needs of learning communities ( considering research, knowledge, work, digital learning, and literacy)
Overcoming Barriers to Lifelong Learning
The Future of Lifelong Learning and Emerging Trends
Lifelong Learning are considered in relation to various challenges, such as: climate justice, sustainability, precarity, indigeneity, and sexual and gender identity, but also populist politics, migration, and social justice.
Creating a Culture of Continuous Learning and Adaptability


Prerequisite: Good reading and writing skills in English; Basic knowledge of learning and instruction

This course delves into the principles and practices of lifelong learning and the concept of learning ecologies. It is designed for students to understand and foster environments that support continuous learning across various contexts and stages of life. The course will explore the theoretical underpinnings of lifelong learning, the design of learning ecologies that promote adaptability and growth, and the integration of digital tools and social networks to enhance learning experiences.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the fundamental principles of lifelong learning.
  • Explore the concept of learning ecologies and their significance in lifelong learning.
  • Examine the role of digital technologies and social networks in supporting continuous learning.
  • Develop strategies to create and nurture personal and communal learning environments across socio-economic strata
  • Analyze case studies of effective lifelong learning practices and learning ecologies.

Course Outcomes and Skills Acquired:

  • Comprehensive Understanding of Lifelong Learning: Grasp the core principles, benefits, and challenges of lifelong learning.
  • Design and Implementation of Learning Ecologies: Ability to design, implement, and evaluate learning ecologies that support continuous personal and professional development.
  • Digital Literacy and Technology Integration: Proficiency in utilizing digital tools and platforms to enhance learning experiences and access knowledge resources.
  • Critical Thinking and Adaptability: Enhanced critical thinking skills to navigate and adapt to evolving learning needs and environments.
  • Community Building and Collaboration: Skills in fostering collaborative learning communities and networks that encourage shared knowledge and growth.

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