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Course Detail

Course Name Materials Technology
Course Code 15CHE313
Program B. Tech. in Chemical Engineering
Semester Six
Year Taught 2019


Unit 1

Basics of Materials Structure: crystal systems – space lattice – miller indices of atomic planes and directions – small problems in crystallography – crystal defects point, line and surface defects. Mechanical Behaviour of Materials: stress-strain curve – elastic deformation – characteristics of elastic deformation – atomic mechanism of elastic deformation – inelastic deformation – strain time curves – viscous deformation – plastic deformation – slip and twinning – Schmidt’s law – critical resolved shear stress – Strengthening mechanisms; work hardening – grain boundary hardening, dispersion hardening.

Unit 2

Mechanical Testing and Fracture of Materials: Tensile test – stress–strain curves for ductile and brittle materials – proof stress – Compression test – Hardness test – Impact test – Fatigue test – S-N curve – Creep; primary, secondary and tertiary creep – Fracture: Ideal fracture stress – brittle fracture – Griffith’s theory cup and cone type fracture Phase Diagrams: solid solution – intermetallic compound, cooling, curves, non-equilibrium cooling – phase rule – Equilibrium diagrams – isomorphous – eutectic, peritectic and eutectoid reactions with examples – Iron-Iron carbide phase diagram.

Unit 3

Engineering materials: steels and cast irons – properties and applications – Heat treatment of steels: Annealing – Normalizing Hardening -Tempering matempering – Austempering – Hardenability and its testing – TTT diagram – Surface hardening of steels – carburising, nitriding, induction hardening. Effect of alloying elements on steel – Non-ferrous alloys – copper-aluminum – Magnesium, nickel and zincComposite materials – Ceramics

Text Books

  1. R. Balasubramaniam, “Callisters Materials Science and Engineering”, Wiley, 2013
  2. W F Smith, J Hashemi, R Prakash, “Materials Science and Engineering”, McGraw Hill 2008.


  • L. H. Van Vlack, Elements of Materials Science and Engineering, Pearson India 2008
  • D. R .Askeland, P. P Fulay, W. J .Wright,The Science and Engineering of Materials, CL Engineering 2012

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