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Modern Web Development Application Using Mean Stack
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Postgraduate (PG)
School of Arts and Sciences
School of Engineering

'Modern Web Development Application Using Mean Stack' is a course offered in M. C. A. (Master of Computer Applications) program at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.

  1. Basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript basics – Variables, functions, and scopes, Logic flow and loops, Events and Document object model, Handling JSON data, Understanding Jsoncallbacks.
  2. Introduction to Node JS Installation, Callbacks, Installing dependencies with npm, Concurrency and event loop fundamentals, Node JS callbacks, Building HTTP server, Importing and exporting modules, Building chat application using web socket.
  3. Building REST services using Node JS REST services, Installing Express JS, Express Node project structure, Building REST services with Express framework, Routes, filters, template engines - Jade, ejs.
  4. MongoDB Basics and Communication with Node JS Installation, CRUD operations, Sorting, Projection, Aggregation framework, MongoDB indexes, Connecting to MongoDB with Node JS, Introduction to Mongoose, Connecting to MongoDB using mongoose, Defining mongoose schemas, CRUD operations using mongoose.
  5. Building Single Page Applications with AngularJS Single Page Application – Introduction, Two-way data binding(Dependency Injection), MVC in Angular JS, Controllers, Getting user input, Loops, Client side routing – Accessing URL data, Various ways to provide data in Angular JS – Services and Factories, Working with filters, Directives and Cookies, The digest loop and use of $apply.
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  • Jeff Dickey, “Write Modern Web Apps with Mean Stack , Peachpit press, 2015
  • Ken Williamson, “Learning Angular JS”, O′Reilly; 1 edition (24 March 2015)
  • MithunSatheesh, “Web development with MongoDB and Node JS”, Packt Publishing Limited; 2nd Revised edition (30 October 2015).